Dragon Roll( veg) and Mock tail: Recipe


Hello everyone,
As you all know about my workshop with Ananya’s restaurant,
today I am sharing other two recipes from that day. One is my favourite Dragon
(Veg) and the other is a mock tail which can be paired with Grilled Fish
with Lemon Butter sauce
Dragon Roll
Dragon Rolls
Mock tail
Mock Tail

For Dragon Roll(veg)

Wonton Leaf
(Made with refined flour)- 2pcs.
Paneer or
cottage cheese- 25 gm
Pain cheese-
25 gm
Spinach(Boiled)- 20 gm
American sweet
corn- 5 gm
Sugar- 5 gm
White pepper-
1 gm
oil-  100 gm (for frying)
Salt to taste
First make 2 pcs of Wonton Leaf with refined flour and water,
it looks like thin raw handmade bread. You can also purchase it from
departmental stores or new markets. Cut them into 4 parts.
Mix Paneer or cottage cheese, plain cheese, chopped boiled
spinach, American sweet Corn, Sugar Salt and white pepper in a bowl. After that take
a small amount of that mixture and make small rolls out of it. Then put the
rolls into a Wonton Leaf and folded like a roll. Thus make all the rolls.
Pour the oil into a frying pan and put it on the oven. When the oil will be
evenly heated up then put the rolls one by one into the oil and deep fry. The
Dragon Roll is ready to serve.

For the mock tail:

Coca-Cola – 100 ml.
Sprite- 100 ml.
Strawberry syrup- 2 table spoon.
First take a fancy mock tail glass then pour the strawberry
syrup into it. After that slowly pour the Sprite into the glass. Then pour the
Coca-Cola on the top of that. This will make a tricolor effect to the mock
tail. Then serve it with 3-4 ice cubes. This mock tail can be paired with the Grilled Fish with lemon butter Sauce.
Mock tail
If you would try any of these recipes the do let me know in the comment section.

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