Banana Frita with Ice- Cream: Recipe

Hello Everyone,
I think you all know about my workshop with
Ananya’sMulticuisine Restaurant, so here I am sharing the most delicious recipe
i.e. Banana Frita with ice- cream. It’s basically a Spanish
dessert made with ripe banana topped with ice-cream.
Banana Frita

For preparing Banana Frita:

Banana( Ripe and without skin)- 2 pcs.
Fresh cream- 10 ml.
Butter- 5 gm.
Molasses (Gur)- 5 gm
Chocolate sauce:  5 gm.
Sugar- 5 gm.
Water as necessary
Refined flour- half cup.
Refined oil- 200 ml (for deep frying).
Almond, Cashew nut, Red Cheery and Honey-
For garnishing.
Choice of ice- cream.
Banana Frita
Banana Frita
Take a banana, cut it into 3 pieces and cut
the other banana into small pieces, and put it aside. Then take the large pieces of
banana and drill from center and make a hole. Hit a pan, add butter into it,
and then add cream, chocolate sauce, molasses and sugar to the pan. Stir till
all the ingredients mix well with each other, add a little water if necessary. Then
pour this mixture into that hole of each banana, put them aside. On that
remaining chocolate mixture put all small pieces of banana and gives a good mix.
Then make a thick batter with refined flour and water. Dip each stuffed banana
pieces in that batter then dust with dry refined flour and deep fry them in hot
oil. Take them out in a paper napkin and put them in a serving plate. Add the caramelized
small banana pieces into that plate garnish it with chopped almond, cashew nuts,
red cheery and honey. Top it with your favorite ice-cream. The banana frita
with ice-cream is ready to serve.
Banana Frita
If you try this recipe at home or want me to upload this type of recipes in future, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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