Biotique Margosa fresh daily dandruff shampoo and conditioner: Review

Hello Everyone,
Cold days are about to come, so my skin
feels already dry and stretched and so do my scalp. I think many of us
experience dandruff with dry and itchy scalp specially during the winter. So
today I am here with another review of a complete natural and herbal product
which is The Biotique Margosa fresh daily dandruff shampoo and conditioner. So let’s begin with it.

INR: Rs. 159/- for 190ml.
Product Description: This refreshing
formula eliminate the dryness, flaking & itching associate with dandruff.
Special pH balance formula is gentle enough for everyday use.
Here is the ingredients
Self-life: 3 years.

My Review on Biotique Margosa fresh daily dandruff shampoo and conditioner:

Packaging: The Biotique Margosa fresh daily
dandruff shampoo and conditioner comes in a sturdy bottle with screw up cap. Bottle
has the Biotique logo along with all relevant information printed on.
Smell: It smells very herbal, very
refreshing. Fragrance is not overpowering rather than soothing and calming.
Texture and formula: The Biotique Margosa
fresh daily dandruff shampoo is mint green in color with thick consistency. The
shampoo has more on creamy texture. It has right consistency; neither too thick
nor too gel like or runny. Biotique claims that this product has all natural
ingredients like extract of Neem tree, Chotidudhi or Euphorbia, Bringaraj and
Ritha, so the formula is basically all natural and organic.
My experience:
The shampoo lathers very well and washes
grime, dirt away leaving hair relatively soft and shiny. My scalp feels super
clean and fresh every time after wash. It gives a cooling effect on the scalp
while washing hair, thus I get some relief from the itchiness and also it helps
keeping my dandruff under control for long like 2-3 days after washing hair.
Most of the anti-dandruff shampoos available in market make the hair very dry
and rough because of the harsh chemicals. But thanks to the natural ingredient,
it is not that harsh on the hair rather than makes them soft and nourished. In
spite of being an anti dandruff shampoo it doesn’t makes my hair dry or rough
all at and also it washes off quite easily without leaving any greasiness


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Enrich with all natural ingredient.
  • Harmful chemical free.
  • Has a very fresh and calming fragrance
    which last quite long in hair.
  • Makes hair soft and shiny rather than makes
    it dry or rough.
  • Keeps dandruff away for long days.
  • Gives relief from the itchiness and pain
    caused by the dry scrap and dandruff.
  • Hair feels smooth and nourished.
  • Sturdy packaging.


  • Has some short of chemicals.
  • Doesn’t do anything related hair fall
    caused by dandruff.

Rating: 4/5.
Final Verdicts: Overall, This Biotique
Anti-dandruff shampoo seems quite promising to me as it satisfies almost all
claims. Yes I will definitely buy another again once the current bottle gets
over. My hair feels soft and smooth after every wash. This shampoo is also
keeping my dandruff and itchiness away for long time despite of makes hair dry
or rough. If anyone faces the same problem as mine, then should definitely give
it a go, I think you won’t regret much.

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