Fuschia By Vkare Products Review | Introducing Luxury 100% Natural and Handmade Products for Skincare

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well. Today I going to introduce of a
new Brand named Fuschia by Vkare which an ISO certified brand that offers 100%
and organic products. They are known for their luxury skin care and
hair care products which are absolutely free of paraben, paraffin and harmful chemicals
and have amazing smell as well. I was very much indulged by fragrances of their
every product. Recently the brand sends me 3 sample products- a moisturizer, a
day cream and a face mask for review. Well Fuschia by Vkare is quite famous now a
day for their variant face masks.  I have
been using their products for 2 weeks now and ready to share my review with you
all, so let’s get into the review now.
Fuschia By Vkare Products Review

Fuschia-Orange and Avocado Balancing Intense Moisturizer:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
INR: 200/- for 50ml and 400/- for 100ml.

My review on Orange and Avocado Balancing Intense Moisturizer:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
The moisturizer comes in a very simple white plastic bottle
with golden metallic screw cap. The product name and only the key ingredients
are mentioned on the label. It was very strange for ( at least) me that they did
not mention the full ingredients list, pricing and other details. The moisturizer
comes white in color and has medium consistency that means it is neither too
thick nor too runny just perfect for a moisturizer to work with. The texture is
quite heavy, when applied on the skin I have to rub it well for quite a time to
completely get absorbed. But when it completely gets into the skin, it doesn’t
feel heavy or greasy at all rather my skin feel so soft and well moisturized.
The best part is that it makes my skin feel hydrated and moisturized for long,
so I do not have to bother carrying it with me to apply when needed.It doesn’t
leave any oiliness behind as well.
Fuschia By Vkare Products Review

Fuschia – Garden Lavender Day cream with SFP-15:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
INR: 525/- for 50ml.

My review on Fuschia – Garden Lavender Day cream with SFP-15:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
The day cream comes in a cute grass jar with metallic lid.
It also has the product name and key ingredients printed on the top. Like the
name suggest the day cream is lavender colored and have thick consistency like any other cream does. This cream has an amazing fragrance. Texture is very
smooth and creamy, it gets into the skin very quickly unlike the moisturizer
but leave a greasiness for quite a while. I think I feel it so because I have
oily skin.This cream feels heavy on the skin as well. It makes the skin soft
and supple and retains the moistness for long hours. It has SPF15 on it so it
can be worn as a sunscreen also.I like to use it as a moisturizer base for pre
Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
Fuschia By Vkare Products Review

Fuschia Dazzel Face mask-Sandal and Saffron:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
INR: Rs. 450/- for 100ml.

My review on Fuschia Dazzel Face mask-Sandal and Saffron:

Fuschia By Vkare Products Review
This face mask is my favorite among the three products. It comes
in a white color plastic jar with screw up open lid. Wide opening makes it easy
to apply but at the same time influence bacterial growth. The face mask is clay
based and pale yellow in color.Smell of this mask is so indulging, more like
mix of saffron and sandal. Texture is creamy soft so it easily glides on the
skin and applies evenly. I have apply this mask after cleaning my face and wait
around for 15 minutes but it dried off fast, within 5-7 minutes or so. Thank
god this face mask did give any burning or tingling sensation rather than gave
a soothing effect on my skin. Then I washed it off with plain water and patted my
face dry. I am very impressed by the post result; it makes my skin clear,
smooth and instantly glowing. This mask helps in tightening the skin and makes
it more radiant as well.
Fuschia By Vkare Products Review


  • 100% natural and organic product.
  • Smell amazing.
  • Vegan and Cruelty free luxury products.
  • Free from paraben, paraffin and harmful chemical.
  • Decently priced.
  • Make skin soft and radiant instantly.
  • Doesn’t cause any side effect.
  • Travel friendly packaging.


Do not available at local stores but one can purchase from
their website.
I found the moisturizer and day cream a bit heavy on the
skin but absolutely in love with the face mask.
Rating: 3/5.

Final Verdict: Fuschi by vkare got hype these days for their
amazing and effective face masks, many are talking about their face masks. And
I’m also impressed by the face mask though I feel the day cream is a bit heavy
on me. Both the day cream and moisturizer deliver perfect amount of hydration
and moisture for long hour, so the dry skin beauties may enjoy these. I
personally prefer the face mask. Clay based formula absorbs excess sebum and
gunk from the face leaving clean smooth and radiant which remains for a while.
So this luxury all natural product definitely worth a try. A big thumbs up from
my side to fuschia by vkare.  
That’s all for today.
Hope you like my post.
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** Products are send by the brand as PR samples but the review is honest as always.

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