Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub: Review

Hello Ladies,
We probably all know that how important to use a face scrub.
It not only removes dead cells but also opens clog pores and takes out all gunk
and also improves cell textures. For these reasons I love to scrub my face
after come back from office. No, I do not scrub my face daily but thrice in a
week. Some weeks before I have received some products from the brand Ecotique
for reviewing. As soon as I found that they have sent me their 5 earth face and
body scrub, I just jumped out of joy. 
Actually I was running out of my Biotique Scrub and planning to try
something new and the brand surprising knew my need….hehe 😁. I have been using
this scrub since then and I think the time is more than enough to share my review on it. So let’s start with the review of Ecotique 5 earth Face and Body
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub

INR: Rs. 749/- for 30gm.
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
Product Claims: Brazilian clay based scrub is rich in
minerals and completely natural actives. It removes dead cells, blackheads and
dirt with help of volcanic sand. Vetiver oil helps in treating acne and sores.
Sandalwood power removes excess oil. Natural ingredients of the scrub help in
keeping skin soft, fresh and lively. This scrub is specially designed for all
skin types.
Ingredient: Active ingredients are Volcanic clay, volcanic
sand and sandal wood power.
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
Usage direction: Apply in a circular motion on the face.
Wipe off with a moist cotton pad. Rinse with water and pat dry.
Self-life: 24 months.

My review on Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub:

Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub

Packaging: One can fall in love with the packaging- how
classy they have made it. Ecotique 5 earth face and body scrub comes
in a glass tub with plastic screw open cap. The cap has metal finish which
complements and looks classy with that glass jar. This has housed in a unique
cardboard outer packaging which carries all the relevant information. Because
of the glass packaging, I would not recommend it as travel friendly.
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
Smell and Color: the scrub appears dark orange in color and
has very earthy fragrance, as the name suggests (5 earth) which fades away
after some time.
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
Texture and formula: 
Scrub has bit of puree like texture with runny consistency. Not thick or
muddy at all. It has very mild scrubbing granules which not at all harsh or
scratchy on the skin. It is very gentle on the skin so one who has sensitive
skin can use this without any fear. This scrub is designed for all skin types
so it is also a nice option for the people with dry skin. Basically this scrub
contains Brazilian clay and volcanic sand which effectively remove dead cells
and black heads from the skin. It has Vetiver oil which treats acne and pimple
and stopping new ones from popping out further. It is also rich in minerals and
natural ingredients which help in maintaining skin natural moisture and reduce
excess oil secretion, keeping skin lively and soft for all day long.

My experience with Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub:

Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub
As I mentioned earlier, I really love to use this scrub after coming back from office. It is like a mini spa treat after a long trying day. I first
scoop out coin sized amount of this scrub into my palm and then apply all over
face and neck leaving the eye area.  Then
gently massage it in circular motion for 2-3 minutes and leave it for 1 minute more on the face. Then rinse off with normal water. It effectively removes dullness
and excess oil from the face and bringing back the radiant glow. It makes the
skin soft, smooth and fresh by removing dead cells and black heads. Post
application my skin doesn’t feel stretchy rather than moist and well nourished.
Regular use of this scrub helps in shrinking pores and keeping skin hydrated
and radiant.  
Ecotique 5 Earth Face and Body Scrub


  • Loaded with natural earthy ingredient.
  • A gentle exfoliator that works pretty well.
  • Remove dead skin and dullness.
  • Make skin soft, supple and radiant.
  • Refreshed and rejuvenated the skin.
  • Maintain skin’s natural moisture.
  • Designed for all skin type.
  • Treating acne and pimples.


  • Glass packaging makes it non travel friendly.
  • Expensive.
  • Non availability in the local market.

Rating: 4/5.
Final verdict: I find Ecotique 5 earth face and body scrub a
bit pricey for the quantity you get but it worth the quality. It definitely
does what it claims. It hasn’t break me out at all rather it treats my old
acne quite well. It leaves the skin soft and lively and provides right amount
of hydration. I’m very much impressed with the product and definitely will
purchase it as soon as it finishes off. I would like to recommend it to
everyone specially the people with sensitive skin for its mild scrubbing
particles and the volcanic clay (as it treats acne and sores).

That’s all for today,
What you guys think about this scrub? Have you used this
product? Do let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.
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** PR samples but my review is honest as always.

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