Fancy dress idea for baby girl| Fancy Dress idea for 2 years old girl| OOTD post for a baby girl

Hello every one,
I was planning to post this for long time, but for some
reason I could not. And finally I have managed to share this post with you all.
This is my first OOTD post and I’m here to share an amazing idea for all
mommies for their child’s fancy dress competition. Some days ago my daughter
have participated in such  a fancy dress
competition and I made her a twinkling star….. I know it sounds so fancy and

So let’s begin with it.
I made three types of stars – A big one, 4 medium sized
and 8-10 small stars. 
First I cut down a hard cardboard and prepared those stars
by drawing stars on that cardboard before. Then wrapped the big and medium
sized stars with a golden shiny paper. For the small ones I wrapped those with
yellow colored plain paper and stick some chunky glitters and shimmers on them.
Placed those before the sun to dry.  
take out a white frock and stick those medium and small stars here and there on
the dress with double sided tape. You have to stick when the stars are
completely dry out.  Last of all stick
that big star at back. 
You can also make a hair band with stars like this.
For the hairband I took a hairband matching with the outfit then
stick two springs on it with fevistick. Then stick two
medium sized stars on both springs with the help of cello tape. The full outfit
is ready to hit the floor and your baby is ready to twinkling like stars.
 The whole outfit
looked like this-
And on my daughter it looked –

That’ s all for today,
Hope you like it.
What do think about this post do share your comment below, I
would love to hear from you.

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