How to do cut crease eye makeup easy step by step with pictures | My Poila Boishakh makeup look

Hello Everyone,
Subho Nababarsha !I’m
back with another eye makeup look. Today I will be doing a CUT CREASE eye look
Which I’m going to wearing on Poila Boishakh evening.  First of all I want to tell you sometime that
I’m not professional MUA, even not a trainee or so. Makeup interests me a lot, I
just love doing my own makeup and playing round with colors. So I captured
those moments when I was spending “me- time” doing what I love and share my
experience with you all. I know I’m not perfect in doing cut crease or sometime
and I have done a lot of mistakes, so please correct me where I go wrong. This
would definitely help me to improve my skill. So without any further ado let’s get
down to see the steps of these look.  
easy cut crease look

Step 1:
easy cut crease look
Prep your eyes with primer and concealer to cancel any
Step 2:
easy cut crease look
Take a dusky pink eye shadow in a fluffy blending brush and
buff into the crease and blend it up ward motion.
Step 3:
easy cut crease look
Take a dark brown eye shadow into the same blending brush
and intensify the crease line.
Step 4:
easy cut crease look
Now take a brown kajal and draw a line along the crease and
take a small blending brush and start smudge the line. You have to go slowly
and softly. Don’t smudge it beyond the crease. 
Now take dark brown eye shadow on the same blending brush and buff into
the increase.
Step 5:
easy cut crease look
easy cut crease look
Now take the concealer into a small detailing brush and
start concealing the eye lid area. Don’t go beyond the crease area. Now start
packing a golden eye shadow onto that and smoothen harsh edges.
Step 6:
easy cut crease look
Go on softly. Keep packing until you get the desired result.
Step 7:
easy cut crease look
Take a black kohl pencil and start lining upper lash line, winged
it out. Apply black kohl in the lower lash line and smudge with dark brown eye
shadow. Don’t forget to tight line your eyes.
Step 8: 
easy cut crease look
Take a shimmery silver eye shadow into small pencil
brush and apply in the inner corner of eyes as well as brow bone area. Groom
your brows.
Step 9: 
easy cut crease look
Wipe off any fallout. Conceal under eye area. Apply
loads of mascara to finish off your look.
And the final look is-
easy cut crease look
easy cut crease look
My Poila Boishask makeup look

What do think about today’s look? Did you enjoy it? If you
are planning to try this look out or have any suggestion, please do let me know
in comment below. I would love to hear.
That’s all for today,


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