My special message to all Mommies

Hello Mommies,
Happy Mother’s Day to all. When a baby is born a mother is
born too and it is true that a baby is the most precious gift from GOD. After
our child birth life teaches us many things like how to love unconditionally,
how to forget pain over a cute little smile, how have your all tiredness gone
when two little arms hold you tight and How to be happy in all situations in
life. Those sleepless nights, those cries out of joy, those tiny hugs and kisses
make us complete, give us strength and dignity.

 After pregnancy and
child birth our body goes through different hormonal changes which immensely
affect our skin and hair.  I faced
several skin problems like acne, dry patches and dullness and also massive
hair fall. So I think we all mommies need some little extra care than other
adults. I know for us the family always comes first and we sometime ignore
ourselves to take care of them. Even I some time miss my daily skin care regime
when my baby fall ill.
Today I feel proud to introduce a brand that not only thinks
for the babies but equally thinks for the mommies too. Yes it is Mamaearth.
After the huge success of their baby care range, today they are launching the
mama range which is specially designed for the mommies like you and me who
needs little extra care. The products are 100% natural, organic and toxin free
just like their baby care range. Every product is made safe for our bodies.
mamaearth mama range products
mamaearth mama range products
mamaearth mama range products
So In this mother’s Day take a step forward and love yourself
little extra because if we stay healthy, we can bring up healthy. So mommies
please love, take care, pamper and cherish yourself on this Mother’s Day.
Wish a very very Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, other mommies
and would be ones.

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