Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner: Review

Hello Everyone,
Summer is now in full swing here and already boiling us to the fullest. The
heat not only damages our skin but our hair too.  These days I’m taking a little extra care for
my hair as too much sweating makes my hair too greasy and rough. When it comes
to skin and hair care I can only depend on organic, chemical free products. So
when the brand Kronokare sent me two of their bestselling shampoo and conditioner
for review, I just wondered that these are what I exactly looking for. I have
been using them since two week now and ready to share my experience with
Krokokare Caribbean Ginger Sure to Pure Shampoo and Detox and locks conditioner.

INR: Shampoo- Rs.335/- for 100ml. and Conditioner- Rs.339/-for

Both the shampoo and conditioner comes in a sturdy black
plastic bottle with flip-open cap which shuts tightly, thus leak-proof.
Necessary details including ingredient list and price are mention on the red
colored label. Overall packaging is cute and perfect for travelling.

My views

Krokokare Caribbean
Ginger Sure to Pure Shampoo
I’m talking about the shampoo first. It has faint ginger
like smell which not at all overpowering. So does not irritate those people with
sensitive nose. The cloudy white color product has the perfect consistency which is
neither too runny nor too thick. It has silky texture. It contains Ginger and
lemon extract which prevents oil secretion while deeply cleansed hair and
scalp. Further it is free from Paraben, SLS and mineral oils which is big plus
point. This is light on my hair and doesn’t create too much lather though
cleanses my hair and scalp so well in 2 washes. The lather is easy to rinse off
and doesn’t leave any soapiness behind. It doesn’t strip moisture off my hair,
leaving it soft, smooth and frizzle- free post use which last me up to 2 days.
One thing is that the shampoo really a gentle and mild one.
So you can use it on daily basis without any worry.  If you are someone who applies oil before
shampoo then you will be ended up using a ton of it to get the oil out. I would
suggest you to skip the oiling part. Once I have applied it without oiling my
hair, the result I got was exactly same.
But at the price point, it is a bit expensive. If I use it
on regular basis then a 100ml bottle will last up to 10-15 days. On basis of
that it is bit high priced. And next is that is doesn’t available in any local
store near you but you can buy it from their own site.
Krokokare Caribbean
Ginger  Detox and locks conditioner
Now coming to the conditioner, it is pale white in color and
has very thick consistency. Texture is very creamy and smooth. I literally
shook the bottle and squeezed it hard to ooze out the product from the opening.
It has very refreshing ginger like smell which is quite uplifting.  It also made up with Ginger, Lemon and loads
of botanical extract that heal scalp, reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.
It is also very light weight and hydrating which restores and locks moisture of
hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and bouncy post wash. Yes, so it doesn’t weight
down the hair. So people with thin hair will love this condition. It makes my
hair fizz-free with tad bit tangled where and there which stays up to 2 days.
Where to buy: You can buy these here.
Final verdict: Overall, I really like the condition over the
shampoo as I’m an oil person now and do not wash my hair before oiling them. It
takes really a lot of the shampoo and effort to remove the oil completely. For me
this is a mild shampoo that can be used on regular basis, that definitely not
going to harm your hair but can burn your pocket. The  Conditioner provides right amount of hydration
and moisture which makes your hair look soft, bouncy and well nourished. So if
you are looking for any organic, chemical free everyday kind of shampoo and
conditioner for summer use, this two combo is what you need.

Have you used Kronokare Shampoo and conditioner? Share you comment below.
that’s all for today. Stay tuned for more.

** PR samples but the
review is completely honest and unbiased.

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