Roots and Herbs Panchmeva Skin Polishing Body Scrub : Review

Hello Everyone,
How are you guys doing? Today I’m back with Roots and Herbs
product again. I have reviewed their Argan oil facial cleanser which is a Holy Grail makeup
remover for me (read review here). Now I have been trying their body scrub
since almost two weeks now. So I thought of sharing my experience with you all.
So! Let’s start with the review of Roots and Herbs Panchmeva Skin Polishing Body Scrub.

INR: Rs. 650/- for 50gm.

Packaging: It comes in a black plastic tub with screw up
lid. There is an extra tray lid under that screw lid which prevents spillage and
mess. You can see all relevant information is printed on the label along with
price and ingredients.

My views

The scrub looks and smells exactly like freshly grind herbs.
Texture is fine not at all coarse or grainy. That means you can also use it as
face scrub. The brand says that to use it mixed with curd or water or milk. I just
hopped into shower; take a spoonful of the product into my palm, mixed with normal
tap water and started rubbing gently on my arms, neck and legs for 3-4 minutes.
Leave it for some time and rinse off. It gives slight cooling sensation on the
skin. The thing that caught my attention is its fresh, spicy understated aroma
which just uplifts my mood right away.  My skin feels soft and smooth post bath. One
thing that I notice is that it doesn’t strip off the natural moisture of the
skin rather than leaves it well hydrated. After regular use I could see that it
removes tan from my skin a little, yes, not that much, but noticeable.  It doesn’t harm or irritate my skin till now.
The things that seem to be cons for me are that It doesn’t
make any change to my skin texture and this product doesn’t available at the local
stores. But online market places and brand website are always there to serve
us. So Cheers!

My Rating: 3/5.
Where to buy: You can buy it from here.
Final verdict: Make long story short, it is a nice body and
face scrub that doesn’t harm or irritates your skin. Fully herbs based, paraben,
SLS free. It does its job of scrubbing the dead cells away from your skin very
beautifully without drying up the skin. So I would recommend this scrub to
those who looking for organic and herbs based body scrub for daily use.
Have you used Roots and Herbs Panchmeva body scrub? Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more.

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