Unboxing and review on Gillette Venus breeze box

Hello pretties,
Today I will be talking about the brand Gillette. Gillette
is an only brand in India that comes up with some fine razor to recuse ladies.
Yes shaving is quite hectic job for me. I know every lady is facing the same. Waxing
ended up giving painful experience and sometime going to salon, waiting for hours
in queue for waxing done is more painful for busy moms like us.  I would like give that quality time to my
baby as I’m working and do not able to spend much time with her. So a good
razor is definitely a boon. So if you are working mom or a collage going girl
and do not find time to go to salon or finding a good razor, I must say this
post is for you. Recently Gillette has introduced a razor called breeze in
their Venus range and the brand sent me a beautiful Venus Breeze Box for
review. So let’s start with unboxing and reviewing Gillette Venus Breeze box.
Unboxing and review on Gillette Venus breeze box

Unboxing and review on Gillette Venus breeze box

Unboxing and review on Gillette Venus breeze box

Can we take some time and appreciate this box. Really
Gillette makes it so pretty, pleasuring and feminine that definitely melts your
heart. I can reuse it somehow further in future. The light purple colored round
shaped box is made up with thick cardboard and a white ribbon goes around the
lid, making it super cute. It contains a razor, a pack of 2 cartridges and two
scented candles.

Unboxing Gillette Venus Breeze box

1. Candles: As soon as I have opened the box, the whole
ambiance was filled with an alluring topical scent. I thought that the boxing
itself aromatic, but soon I discovered that it was those two blue candles
that occupied the whole aura. I will definitely burn these in my bathroom when
I feel to have a relaxing spa kind of treatment after a long tiring day.
2. Cartridge pack:
INR: Rs. 350/-
I do not open the cartridge pack yet as one is already there
with the razor. I will use them when required. As written on the packaging it
contains 2 cartridge and is priced at Rs. 350/-. Everything related to it is
mention on the outer box.
3. Gillette Venus Breeze:
INR: Rs.299/-
The razor comes in a purple blue plastic box along with a
razor head separately. You have to attach these two. The head sits down with a
click sound, thus fits correctly and the razor head moves perfectly. The razor
itself has pretty purple color and comfortable sturdy grip. The USP of this
razor is that the head has two soap gel bars attached on top and bottom and
have tropical scent of freesia. This gel bar contains body butter like Olive,
Avocado, Kokum and glycerin which helps in retaining skin moisture.  The razor designed with 3 blades to give you
ultra-close and smoothest shave ever. The gel bars create foam that means you
don’t have to carry shaving foam separately. You just need to wet your skin and
shave directly. The body butter leaves the skin smooth and moisturized after
These all I got from my Gillette Venus breeze Box, hope you
enjoy the unboxing. I will use this razor and will definitely come with a full
review on it. Till then stay tuned.

Have you used Gillette Venus Breeze? Share your comment
That’s all for today

**The box was sent by the Brand.

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  1. I wasn't strongly against shaving hair at one point, Papri thinking it may trigger harder hair to grow but that's just an urban myth propogated by salon and beauty parlour employees to compel customers to pour in.

    While waxing has a few advtanges over shaving yet I'd experiment more with shaving now (in fact, I have been shaving for months now without witnessing any hard hair growth) 🙂


    1. yes it is completely a myth. If you use a good razor the you will be never going face hard hair growth. Thank you for visiting Nidhal.

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