Aroma Essentials Orange Splash : Review

Hello Girls,
How does it feel when you splash some fresh orange juice on
your face?  I have been enjoying this
feeling since I got Aroma essential Orange Splash in my mail. It looks orange,
smells orange and feels orange. Aroma Essential is a Bangalore based company which
mainly known for skin and hair care products and owned by Mrs. Madhurima
Ramakrishna. She is kind enough to send me few samples to try out. When I first
saw the product, I was bit confused about it. Then read its label and guessed
it must be a face wash or something like that. And I was right it is like non
soapy lather free face wash.  So, excited
about the products! Let’s explore more about Aroma essential Orange Splash.

INR: 175/- for 60ml.
Packaging: Orange Splash comes in a transparent plastic
bottle with white flip top cap. Hence it is easy to use and you can track how
much product is left inside. Cap shuts with a click sound. Product related
information is mentioned on its label. Manufacturing date and
price are handwritten on a paper at top of the cap. So the packaging is sturdy
and easy to carry.

My view

It smells exactly like orange, fresh and citrusy. It looks
just like orange jelly. Texture is thick and feels soft and smooth. So you have
to squeeze hard to dispense the product. It is actually handmade product which
is why formula is completely organic, freshly made and free from harmful
chemicals. It made from orange juice (quite obvious) which is rich in Vitamin
C. Orange Juice helps in shrinking the pores, toning skin and effectively
reducing dark spot or blemishes.  Vitamin
C prevents free radicals and increases the production of collagen, thus it
making skin more firm and slow down aging process. Orange contains citric acid
which helps in cleaning clogged pores and drying away acne and pimples.  It also detoxifies skin cells and helps in
brighten complexion.
I generally use it at night and morning (sometimes). After
getting back from work I thoroughly cleanse my makeup with cleansing oil and
then wash with a heavy duty oil free face wash. So I always go with this face
wash before going to bad as I have already deeply cleansed my face before. I
took coin size of this face wash and messaged gently onto wet face. I felt little tingling sensation. It is so
mild that it doesn’t foam or lather up, but despite of that it effectively
cleans my face, takes out oils and dirt. Then wash off with plain water. My skin
feels squeaky clean after every wash. It doesn’t strip off skin’s natural
moisture. It leaves my skin feel nourished, healthy and illuminated post use. I
tell you, that glow imparts from my face is just astonishing.
After using this face wash regularly, I feel that it shrikes
down the size of skin pores and also lighten my dark spots.

My rating: 4.5/5.
Where to buy: you can buy it here.

Final verdict: Oh! I just love it to bits and going to
repurchase it again and again. I would highly recommend this face wash to
everyone. Just try this soap-free, completely natural formula, believe me, you
will fall in love with it.
Have you used Aroma Essentials Orange Splash? Share your comments below.
that’s all for today. See you in my next post.
**Disclaimer: Product was sent by the brand, my review is honest and unbiased.

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  1. This is new for me too reading the headlines i thought you are gping to talk abt spray or smthing. Interesting product for sure.

  2. More than a year ago, I used it. Even though I'm not an advocate of face washes that come in gel form, I have to give it to this face wash – It was unique and positively so 🙂

    If I am to buy a gel based face wash, it would be this one.

    Fresh + clear, that's how my facial skin looks after I use this. How'd you rate it vis a vis commercial ones by brands like Nivea, Ponds, etc Papri?

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