Himalaya Baby Massage oil : Review

Hello Mommies,
Today I’m back with a baby product. We probably know how important is oil massaging for a baby. Massaging oil definitely helps in growing bone
health and muscle formation. With regular massage baby’s bone get stronger and
firmer and also helps in a sound sleep, improve baby’s digestion and skin
texture. So massage with good baby oil definitely improves all over development
of baby’s body. I’m always looking for safest and mildest product for my
daughter. While roaming around at Big Bazar, a bottle of Himalaya Baby Massage
caught my attention. I have seen good reviews about this oil over the internet
and wanted to use it for my baby. Since Himalaya is a well known brand and
their baby care range is on the market for a while now. So I bought this oil
without a second thought. I have been using it since 3 weeks now for my baby and
literally felt the result on very first use. So let’s get to know more on this
baby oil.

Review of  Himalaya Baby Massage oil

INR: Rs. 80/- for 100ml.
Packaging: Himalaya baby massage oil comes in an opaque white
plastic bottle with green flip top cap. The bottle caries all the relevant information
about the product. The cap shuts firmly so there is no change of leakage. I
feel this bottle is quite handy and easy to travel with. It is also available in
200 ml bottle which is perfect for home use.

Review of  Himalaya Baby Massage oil
Review of  Himalaya Baby Massage oil

My view

It is no-color oil with nice and mild fragrance. I really don’t
like those baby products with strong and wired smell. The fragrance lingers post
bath. The formula feels light-weight and non-sticky. Consistency is like any other light oil. It spreads evenly on baby’s skin without much effort and get absorbed
quickly.  A Small quantity requires for massaging
whole body, so a little goes a long way.
This oil has been formulated with aloevera extract, olive
oil and winter cherry which makes my baby’s skin healthy and moisturized post
use. I tried it on her daily massage and from the very first use my baby’s skin
become softer and smoother than before. Thanks to Himalaya for not including
any harsh chemicals and paraben into making it. It leaves my baby’s skin
highly moisturized and plump even after a bath without making it greasy and
staining cloths.
My baby’s skin doesn’t complain about any rashes or irritation
after using it even I did not find any kind of allergies on her skin as well.

Review of  Himalaya Baby Massage oil

Review of  Himalaya Baby Massage oil

My rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy from Amazon.

Final verdict: If you are in search for good, non-greasy,
nourishing massage oil for your baby then I would highly suggest you this oil.
It is dirt cheap, available widely and enriched with natural ingredients. It
makes baby’s skin healthier and softer right from that first use. So mommies
try this oil once, I think you will be going to feel the same for your baby

Have you use Himalaya Baby Massage Oil? Share your comments below
That’s all for today. Hope you find this helpful. See you in my next post

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  1. I did not use this oil for my son but have been using other himalaya products for him. I find himalaya to be trustworthy and affordable brand for me and my baby

  2. Himalaya is indeed a great job with its babycare range.i have used all the Himalaya products for my daughter and since then haven't used any other brand. Infact she is now 4 yrs old and we still are hooked to Himalaya. Great review Papri.

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