Sebamed Feminine Intimate wash (Sensitive): Review

Hello Girls!
How are you doing? Today I bring to you something different.
Yes today I will be talking about intimate care. When it comes to women health
and wellness, intimate care plays the most important role. We have to choose
the right product which has to be safe, mild and maintain right pH balance of
the skin. So that it can gently take care the sensitive skin of our intimate
areas. We don’t talk about intimate hygiene and care openly, but we all that how necessary it is for our lives and health. So Today I introduce you
Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash which I have been using over a month now and
completely swear by it. So let’s find out how effective this intimate wash is.

INR: Rs.699/- for 200ml.
Packaging: The intimate wash comes in an opaque white plastic
bottle with flip top cap. It further comes housed in a white cardboard box.
Every necessary information related to the product is provided on the box as
well as the bottle. I personally feel that the cap doesn’t shut properly and
also the packaging is little bulky. So travelling with it would not be that comfortable
but you can sort out by pouring the liquid  in a small bottle.

My view

I know, you girls are certainly agree with me that we
sometime face dryness, itchiness and irritating down there. It is because of bacterial
growth due to not cleaning the area properly and for that we have choose mildest and
gentle product for sure. The Sebamed feminine intimate wash helps in
maintaining skin pH value to 3.8 which supports an intact acid mantle of the genital
mucous linings and the balance of the natural micro-flora. It has been
formulated with natural organic derivative tenside complex for gentle external cleansing.
It contains bisabolol, chamomile and aloe Barbadians ensure soothing and
beneficial effect in intimate hygiene.
The wash is just like clear gel with pleasant floral fragrance
which helps to eliminate vaginal odor. Consistency is runny, so you have to be
careful while opening and taking out the product. It has 100% soap and
alkali-free formula. I generally use it after coming back home from work or
gym. I poured just pea size quantity on my palm, mixed with water to create
soft foam and gently clean the genital area and rinse off thoroughly. I did not
face any dryness, irritation or itchiness, bad odor or burning sensation post
use. I felt the area was well cleansed. It helps in maintain the skin pH to 3.8
which is ideal for sensitive skin which is why I do not feel any dryness and
soreness. Rather the wash instantly soothes and claims down irritation and
burning if any.
This intimate wash is suitable for all ages from teenage
girls to menopausal women. It is completely safe to use during pregnancy and menstrual
period which would ensure you to feel clean, dry and comfortable all day long.
Keeping all the pros in mind, I do feel that the price is a
bit high. If the brand would keep the price tag affordable then every girl will
be able to try this amazing product.

My rating: 4.5/5
Where to buy: You can buy from Amazon.
Final verdict: Genital care and intimate hygiene is a need
for every girl or woman and the most vital thing is to choose safe, mild and
effective products for that. You should always keep in mind that those products would
maintain the skin pH to 3.8 not more or less. So if you are looking for the
right product of intimate care I would highly recommend you Sebamed Feminine
Intimate wash.
Have you use Sebamed Feminine Intimate wash? Which intimate
wash you are currently using?
Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find it useful. See you in my
next post.

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