Chicco Breast Pump: Giving your milk is as simple as giving your love

New Delhi, 1st August 2017: Today’s modern mothers are constantly
switching their daily roles. They are managing different transitions of life
like taking care of baby while juggling their work deadlines and family
commitments. For new-age mothers, sometimes it becomes difficult to breastfeed
as often as they need to. In such situations, a breast pump is quite useful to
keep your baby’s belly full while you take care of your daily tasks.

According to Dr.
Laura Cintelli (Obstetrician),
“The milk
of each mother is the perfect food for her baby. It contains all the
nutritional principals required for growth up to 6 months of age and is
recommended by the WHO* even after weaning. Besides supporting the growth of
our little ones to grow well, breast milk also protects them from infection s,
obesity and diabetes. When you go back to work or if you have to briefly go
out, you can use a breast pump to avoid losing all these benefits. This useful
equipment will serve not only to allow you to continue to give your baby your
precious milk, but also to avoid losing the stimulation of your breasts if
at the feeding time, you
cannot be with your baby
Chicco offers NaturalFeeling range of Breast
pumps and other breast-feeding accessories to make this experience peaceful for
a longer duration for the new-age mothers. Chicco’s Manual Breast pump extracts
milk effectively due to its Chicco
Exclusive System
and gently with its extra-soft silicon cup. Moreover, its
ergonomic handle, which is made of BPA free material provides maximum comfort
to mother’s hand while pumping.
NaturalFeeling Electric Breast pump offers innovative features like memory
function and adjustable expression to make pumping a wonderful experience.
According to Mr. Rajesh Vohra, CEO,
Artsana India,
“We at Chicco have always had the perfect
relationship with mothers all around the world. We share every single day with
them during an extraordinary period of their lives. A mother’s love for her
children knows no boundaries and she will do whatever it takes to find the best
for them. Our passion for creating solutions for mothers is similarly
And when it comes to looking
after babies, neither of us is prepared to compromise.
We at Chicco
have a holistic vision of babies and of the world they inhabit.”
Chicco’s vast experience in the infant world
is consolidated in Osservatorio Chicco
(Baby Research Center) that offers specific solutions to accompany children
through every stage of their growth, day after day, for 36 months.
Health institutions recommend breastfeeding
as the best choice for babies. It is essential to support mothers, offering
them practical solutions to encourage the continuation of breastfeeding even in
the presence of difficulties. Chicco NaturalFeeling breast pumps are a
practical solution not only for mothers who have difficulties but also for
working mothers, stay-at-home mothers who want to take out time for them.
Packaging –
NaturalFeeling Manual Breast
Pump – Price: ­­­­­Rs.
Chicco Breast Pump: Giving your milk is as simple as giving your love

NaturalFeeling Electric Breast
Pump – Price: ­­­­­Rs.

Chicco Breast Pump: Giving your milk is as simple as giving your love

About Chicco

Chicco is one of the
biggest global baby care brands from Italy. Chicco is part of the Italy based
multinational company, Artsana Group. The brand takes care of multiple
needs of babies in 0 to 36 month range through its innovative products in
nursing, cosmetics, toys, travel (Strollers, highchairs and car safety seats)
and fashion. With its brand essence of ‘wherever there’s a baby’, Chicco puts
its passion and expertise into capturing the moments between parents and babies
to transform them into safe, simple, and effective solutions.
**Disclaimer: this is not a sponsor post. This post is a part of the press release, of  Chicco India

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