Street Wear Color Rich not so neon collection nail enamel kit : Review and Swatch

Hello Lovelies,
When you have some awesome nail art junkie and enthusiastic
blogger friends, this is what happened!  I
have bought some cool and peppy colors for trying some basic nail art by
myself. Hehe! I really don’t know whether I can achieve to create any or just
ending up applying these solely. I bought these Street wear color rich not so
neon collection nail enamel kit few days back.  This kit contains 4 jazzy shades, now I feel
like I can match my eye shadows with my nail paints…..hehehe Joke apart, today
I will be sharing a review on these beauties. So let’s get into the review.

INR: Rs.210/- for 5ml.

Packaging: The kit comes with 4 nail paints which further
come in a cute square shaped glass bottle with a screw cap that has a graphic
print on it. The shade names and numbers are mention at the top. Bristles are dense
and good in quality. Overall the packaging is cute and travel friendly.

Saucy Orange- A vibrant neon orange, it reminds me the
spring.  I love wearing this kind of
Snap it- Aww! A joyful bright yellow. I was searching this
shade since long, now got my hands on it. Finally!
Lady blue eye-  An eye-catching
teal blue, vivid and lively.  I never
wear such shades so very excite over it.
Get Inked- The name reminds a popular TV show hosted by KAT
VON D which was all about tattoos. So I expect a rich, dark almost black blue
but it is a flamboyant electric blue which I love.

My View

The texture of these paints is liquid-y and runny, hence
easy to apply. But in one coat you would get a sheer wash of color, so you have
to apply 2-3 coats to get an opaque result. The applicator bristles are dense
and thick so it fills up the colors so you don’t have to go back to the bottle
to get more. Yet it doesn’t look streaky. The formula delivers normal smooth
glossy finish to the nail. They dries up fast.
My Rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy from

Final verdict: Look at the color, they literally took my heart.
I can’t wait to create some beautiful designs on my nails. So now days I’m
taking inspirations from my co-blogger friends. So if you are also feeling to
create cute and vibrant nail-arts or just want to carry nails matching your outfits,
I would suggest you to try out this kit from Street wear.

Have you tried Street wear color Rich not so neon collection? Share your comments below.
That’s all from today. See you in my next post.

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