Miss Claire Blooming Face Powder in TL4 | Most Affordable Banana Powder

Today I’m going to talking about “ Banana Powder” or the
most affordable banana powder available in the market. Actually we have a
mindset that “ Banana Powder” means our cult favorite Ben Nye Banana Luxury
powder. Now we have to know that what Banana Powder actually is! Banana Powder
is ultrafine translucent setting power powder with a yellow hint to it. Because
of the yellow cast it works well as contour powder, highlighting T-zone and
also brighten up the under eye area.  To
be honest, Ben Nye Banana Luxury powder is way too expensive and not easily
available. So I made a good search and find out the most affordable substitute
of it. Yes I’m talking about Miss Claire Blooming Power in  TL4. It has the same
yellow undertone to it and works all most same as any banana powder does. Don’t
Believe Me! Let’s scroll down.

INR: Rs.300/- for 7gm.
Before begin the review let’s get to know
How to use a banana or yellow powder?
Banana or yellow tone powder not only use to set under eye
concealer or banish under eye dark circles but also color correct any redness on
your face. You can apply it anywhere you have applied concealer like under eye
area with the help of either beauty sponge or powder puff to set the makeup and
avoid any crease. You can also apply it where you want that highlighting effect
like forehead, Nose Bridge, chin, under the contour. Just leave powder on your
skin for about 10 mins and then brush away the excess. This will give you
instant brightening effect.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic tub with mirror chrome
screw up lid. The brand name clearly shows on it. Necessary information along with
the shade number and name are written at the back. It also has plastic try separator
with small holes which helps in getting right amount of powder on the applicator
puff. But I usually take out the powder on that screw lid first and then apply
with puff that comes with it.

My View

It is finely mild translucent powder with silky smooth texture.
It doesn’t have any sheen or shimmer, so it gives flawless matte finish every
time. It feels velvety soft to touch and blends almost effortlessly into the
skin. For the yellow undertone it instantly brightens up the face without being
powdery or chalky. The coverage is quite buildable if you layer the product. It
doesn’t look cakey or patchy over time.
I generally use it to set my under eye concealer and also brighten
that area. On someday I really like to use it on my forehead, bridge of my nose
and chin to add a highlighting effect. And trust me , it just works as wonder. See
the picture how instantly it brightens the area and also cancels tiny miny
redness around my cheeks. This effect stays almost for 4-5 hours and after that
it needs a bit touch up or so.

My Rating: 4.8/5.
Where to buy: You can buy from here.

Final verdict: You all can see from my picture that how
effective it is. Now look at its price again. What can you ask more in such
super affordable price tag? It costs almost one fourth of Ben Nye Banana powder
and gives exactly the same result. So if you have in mind to buy Ben Nye Banana
Powder, then I would suggest you to try this one out first. I think you will
thank me later.

What do you think about this Miss Claire Blooming Face Powder in TL4? Share you comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find this post useful. See you in my next post.

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  1. The face so bright and beautiful. I loved the review thoroughly. Wasn't really aware about the banana powder but it seems like a very good substitute. I would like to buy this. So far I have been using the rose powder by lakme.

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