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Hello Everyone,
Today I’m really thrilled and excited to share my first Halloween makeup look. This is my very first try to create such dramatic or fantasy makeup. I never think of myself as an MUA (Makeup Artist) rather I can say that I’m a makeup enthusiast who follows the latest trends and try to do makeups by her own. I’m nowhere close to any professional or certified MUA. Though Halloween is not an Indian thing and we don’t celebrate it anyway,  I have seen many India bloggers and YouTubers doing Halloween makeups for showcasing their talents, let us know the step by step processing of sfx makeup and of course just for having fun with what they love.  So there is no harm in trying such makeups just for fun and believe me I also had fun while doing my Halloween special makeup. One thing I have to confess is that I’m just inspired by few of my favourite fellow bloggers and YouTubers to do this crazy makeup look, by doing this I no mean to hurt or disrespect Hindu culture and believers of the afterlife. So let’s jump straight into step by step tutorial.
I named this look “ Silence of Death”. When I started creating this look, I was so blank! After going halfway through, an image came into mind which was a character from very popular Indian Horror series “ AAHAT”. I was growing up watching every episode of it, I think many did. I clearly remember that episode where a lady was playing the role of “Death”. She was standing and waiting hours outside those houses where a death will take place. Then she took away the soul with her. How spooky the story was! That lady is my ultimate ingenuity of this Halloween special makeup look.


1. Prep my skin with a moisturizer then applied primer.

2. Apply concealer all over my face and blend with a wet sponge.
3. Apply foundation and blend with the same sponge. Then take a grey eyeshadow on a contour brush and started contouring harshly under the cheekbones, jawline and sides of the nose.
4. Then put a nylon net over my face and take a black eyeshadow on an eyeshadow blending brush and started packing the colour on my forehead, temple and sides of my face.
5. This technique gives the cracked texture effect.
6. I do simple smokey eyes next.
7. Then take the same concealer and applied heavily around my mouth and lips and blended with the sponge.
8. Next, to add the cracked effect on my face I used my black liquid liner and started drawing the texture over my forehead, sides of the face and over mouth area.
9. Filled my eyebrows heavily with the same black shadow and apply a hint of highlighter only on the nose bridge and tip and apply a red liquid lipstick under the eye area and blend the edges.
And TADAA…. My Halloween makeup look is ready to flaunt. I geared up this look with a plain Black Dupatta.
Behind the scene: I did this makeup when my baby was sleeping, so I really had to finish all things and remove the makeup before she woke up. I did it and then I showed her a picture at night. She looked at the picture for a minute, scared and uttered a word-“ Maabhoot” it means a ghost looks exactly like her mother. Hehehe!
Anyway, what do think about today’s look? Did you enjoy it? If you have any suggestion, please do let me know in comment below. I would love to hear. If you are going to try this look then share your makeup look with #throughmypinkwindow, so that I can check and appreciate.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more makeup looks
Happy Halloween

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