Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella for all skin type: Review

Hello Everyone,
Cleansing is the key to a healthy and beautiful skin.
Specially when you wear makeup, it is very much necessary to remove and clean
last traces of makeup at the end of the day. If you don’t then those stubborn
foundation and concealer can clog your pores thus causing acne and break out. I
wear makeup on daily basis, so only a makeup remover is not enough for me. I
usually use a deep pore cleanser after removing makeup with an oil based cleanser. It not only cleanses that leftover oil but also remove last traces of
makeup and for that I’m using Intenso Deep Cleanser now days. Now I’m ready to
share a review on this effective product with my readers.
Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

INR: 329/- for 100 ml.
Packaging:  Packaging is basic,
nothing fancy. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with pump dispenser. The
dispenser is secure under a transparent cap. Every information related to the
product is mention on the bottle. With pump nozzle you can take out as much
product you need. Hence there is no chance of mess or wastage.

Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

My view

Light blue colored cleanser has a
mild artificial fragrance which lingers few minutes after applying.  It
has light gel kid of texture and consistency is very thick. For its gel based
texture you just require very small amount which spreads easily and evenly on
the skin for one time of cleansing.
I generally use it after cleansing
thoroughly with a cleansing oil or olive oil. Take out 3 pumps of cleanser into
my palm, apply it on the face, give a gentle massage in circular motion and
then wipe off with a wet cotton ball in upward movement. It removes dirt, oil,
impurities and makeup effectively leaving a well moisturized skin. My skin
doesn’t feel dry or stretchy post use. Even it can remove the last traces of
makeup without much tugging and doesn’t irritate the skin at all.
What I like about this cleanser is
it doesn’t sting or irritate eyes, so for that I can easily remove my eye
makeup with this cleanser.
Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

Intenso Deep Cleanser by Estrella: Review

My Rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You
can buy it from Amazon.
Final verdict: Overall it is a good light gel
based cleanser that removes dirt, makeups, excess oil effectively without
stripping off skin’s natural moisture and re-energizes skin complexion. So if
you are looking for a gel based effective cleanser for your sensitive prone skin
I would definitely suggest you this one to give it a go.
What do you think about Intenso deepcleanser? Share your comments
that’s all for today? See you in my next post.

**Disclaimer: Product was send by the brand, however my review is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Seems a new brand and new product for me. I like its packing and it's blue colour is very attractive and eye catching. Want to try this one. Your reviews are helpful.

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