Treat Your Diwali with Guilt Free Assorted Traditional Desi Ghee Ladoos by Wandering Foodie

Hello Everyone,
Hangover of Durgapuja and Dashera is still not over yet and
we all started preparing for Diwali. Don’t we? We have already started buying
our Diwali Gifts, more precisely Sweets and Ladoos. This Diwali celebrate with a healthy and tradition way with “Wandering Foodie” Ladoos. Their
unique range of region-inspired ladoos using traditional recipes and healthy
ingredients, use of high quality, pure desi-ghee (absolutely no vanaspati ghee ) and
use of sprouted ragi instead of normal ragi in Nachni Ladoo, which enhances the
nutrition and also use of jaggery in Sattu Ladoo make this traditional ladoos
a great gifting option and the super Treats box for Diwali. So let’s
get to know more about Wandering Foodie ladoos.

About Wandering Foodie:

Wandering Foodie Pvt. Ltd. was started by two
passionate entrepreneurs, Rahul and Vinod, with the intention of promoting
authentic regional cuisines. Both quit their high-paying corporate jobs to
embark on this journey.  Wandering Foodie started out as a niche, culinary
tourism company, having been featured on Discovery Channel, radio and various
daily publications and magazines. Of late, they have also branched into
regional food products, focusing on 2 categories – spice mixes and ladoos.
Nashik being Rahul’s home town, they started
promoting regional products from Khandesh (Northern Maharashtra), with the help
of Rahul’s mother, who is a brilliant cook and has been featured in
publications and TV for her recipes, apart from with Wandering Foodie.
Gradually, Wandering Foodie started researching regional specialties outside
Maharashtra, and today has a range of products inspired from all 4 corners of
For details about us and our products, kindly
Wandering Foodie ladoos too are inspired from
various regions. Currently we have 3 types of ladoos and 1 assortment pack. All
the ladoos are made with pure desi ghee, made by fermenting the cream of
buffalo milk. This makes it healthier than the usual ghee available in the
market. Also, all the ladoos are soft and easy to consume, which make them
ideal for kids, and the sugar/jaggery content is limited so as to not make them
too sweet. They come in packs of 500 grams.

The assortment pack: Treats by Wandering Foodie
Ladoos are great for celebrations, and to help
celebrate happy occasions, we have introduced a festive packaging of assorted
ladoos – Treats.
Treats is an assortment of 4 ladoos, namely:
Daraba Ladoo-The Daraba Ladoo is made with
wheat, pure desi ghee, sugar and elaichi. This is a traditional recipe from
Khandesh (Northern Maharashtra) and is believed to have been a favourite of the
Mughal king, Aurangzeb. It is slightly pasty in nature and so soft that it
melts in the mouth! The toasty flavor complimented by elaichi makes this our
most popular ladoo.

Nachni Ladoo- The
Nachni Ladoo is inspired from the Konkan region of Maharashtra, where Ragi is a
staple. Already identified as super food, we make the ragi even more superior
by sprouting it before we grind it to flour. Sprouting is known to enhance the
vitamin and mineral contents of grains and hence the Wandering Foodie Nachni
Ladoo is healthier than any other Nachni Ladoo out there. There is also a pinch
of cinnamon added to the ladoos, to make them truly delicious!

Sattu Ladoo- The
Sattu Ladoo, inspired from Bihar, is a great source of protein! Sattu, known to
be a warrior’s food, is very healthy and we have made the Sattu Ladoo healthier
by using jaggery instead of sugar.

Besan Ladoo- Made with Besan or Chickpea
flour and elaichi which popular all over the India.
The ladoos in Treats are garnished with dry
fruits to give them a festive feel.

Packaging: All ladoos come packed in a thick cardboard
box and each and every ladoo comes inside a spherical transparent case made
with 100% recyclable, food-grade virgin polypropylene to maintain hygiene
and freshness of ladoo.

My View

The packaging is also very convenient when one
wants to give the ladoo in a tiffin box for kids or even for adults. It is a
great and healthy sweet post a meal or even as a snack for kids, as well as for
adults in office or even at home. Moreover, those cases can be washed and reused for a
variety of purposes like a ball for the kids, or to keep jewelry or chutney in
tiffins, and so on!
All ladoos are excellent in taste, moreover they are
loaded with goodness of pure desi ghee. Not only my daughter but also my whole
house enjoyed such unique, healthy and lip smacking ladoos in this
Believe me ,these ladoos are awesome gifting
option to your family and friends in this Diwali.
What to place order?
You can order these wonderful and healthy
ladoos online here with 10% off on your
purchase. (Please contact me at [email protected] for the discount code)
You can also follow their social media handles
for latest updates and discounts
Instagram: @wanderforfood
Twitter: @wanderforfood
Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my
next post. Till then
Stay Healthy
Sponsored post, However my review is completely honest and unbiased. 

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