A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence

A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence
According to many experts, the way you dress can significantly increase your self-confidence. Moreover, some of the things that are on the top of the list for increasing confidence are a new haircut, high-heeled shoes and a designer perfume. So, the conclusion is that the way we dress and present ourselves to the people has quite a big impact on our mood and behaviour. So how to choose the perfect clothing weapon and style statement for boosting self-confidence and seducing your way through life?

Wear smart clothes

A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence
The previously mentioned experts actually say that the most confidence we gain is by wearing smart clothes combined with high heels. So, next time you’re getting ready for work take a classy white shirt, perhaps match it with a black pencil skirt and a nice black blazer, and don’t forget your stilettos. Think of a time when you felt extraordinary while wearing a smart piece of clothing, and try to implement something similar to your outfit quite often.

Choose the colors that suit you best

A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence

The colour you’re wearing can do many things – it can accentuate your eye or hair colour, it can define your figure, make you slimmer or make your skin radiant. Because of this it is extremely important for us to know what colours suit us best and have many clothing pieces of that colour in our wardrobe. If you choose the wrong colours, the clothes can swallow you, and make you washed out or tired, and we certainly don’t want that, do we?

Shop for clothes more often

Nothing can make us more comfortable then wearing a new piece of clothing for the first time. If you buy a new piece every week or two, you’ll feel good more often. Don’t think you have to shop only expensive, or designer clothes. No, there are many minimalistic pieces that you can buy at a reasonable price and incorporate in your daily outfit and that will look great. For instance, you can shop for a simple, white shirt or a t-shirt with a twist that many of them will like and that will go nicely with your skirt or trousers.

Know what’s best for your body

A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence
Let’s be clear on something – it doesn’t matter if you have curves or not, it’s important how you look in something and if you can pull it off. If you’re a curved lady, try to emphasize your humps since these are your secret weapon. If you have long and nice legs, wearing skirts that accentuate them is a must. If you, however, don’t possess any of these two secret weapons, try to accentuate your breasts, or your face (eyes or mouth). There are also things you can emphasize even if you are a plus-sized lady. Wearing trendy plus size fashion pieces will definitely make your figure look good if you know what colour and model to choose. The most important thing for pulling off a combination is our attitude, so have that one on point.

Have your own style

A Woman’s Weekend Weapon: How to Dress for Confidence

The key to always seem (and be) confident is to be true to yourself and develop your own style. Appreciate the things you love to see in the mirror reflection and stick to that. Many make the mistake of following the current trends, but little do they know that this can backfire. Some things might be trendy but if they don’t look good on us, we have to stick to only liking them on Instagram. Try to find your signature style and go with it, make every combination personal and show the people around you who you are and that you feel rather comfortable in your clothes. Wearing something you like will not only make you look radiant and happy, it will also raise a cloud of confidence around you.
At the end of it all, it doesn’t really matter how we look to other people and if they will like our sense of fashion – if we like the way we dress and the way we are, self-confidence will be there to stay.

Guest Post By- Amy Mia Goldsmith  Facebook | Twitter

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  1. Dressing does gives a sense of confidence but I have a different rule to follow..dress up and then forget what you are wearing..be it make up..be yourself and you will be able to carry it well..

  2. Confidence comes from within and when matched well with smart dressing – You are sure shot a Hit. Chic dress-up gives added boost of self confidence. Well mentioned – should have your own style.

  3. You got me on Having one’s own style. Initially, I used to double check myself before stepping out of the home. But, after my daughter, I hardly look in the mirror. Sometimes, don’t even brush my hair in a day and still step out. Coz I feel confident in carrying myself. 🙂

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