Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review | Does it really work?

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Are you going through a massive hair fall? Are you distressed to see bunch of hair stands whenever you ran your fingers through your tresses? Then you are landed on the right place. It is normal to lose few strands on daily basis. But if you experience a massive hair fall then it is a matter of some concern.  There are many reasons behind our hair fall like pregnancy, dandruff, pollution, Hormonal changes, and insomnia. So we have to find the exact reason to cure it well. Today I’m back again another excellent launch from the brand Mamaearth. I can say Mamaearth is a brand for parents from a parent. Mamaearth is always surprised us with back to back launches of some excellent products from both mama and baby. Yes, they truly can understand a mama’s need. Today I will be sharing my experience with their latest launch which is their anti-hair fall kit. Though I’m still to get through 6 weeks challenge I have been using it for 2 weeks now and can swear by this product. So here my full review on Mamaearth Anti-hair Fall kit.

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

INR: Rs.1596/- but It is available at an introductory offer at Rs. 999/-.

Mamaearth Anti Hair fall kit consists of 4 products – a Hair oil, a Shampoo, a Conditioner and a hair tonic. These four products are full of organic bioactive and natural ingredients to combat hair fall and promote hair regrowth. These 4 products provide nourishment to the hair roots and follicles which reduces hair fall and stimulates hair growth. These products are enriched with natural products like Caffeine, Milk Protein, Argan Oil, Korean Red Ginseng, Bhringaraj etc. These are free from any harsh chemicals, silicon, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Paraben, Sulphate, dyes.
The four products come assembled in a white and pink cardboard box which carries all the information related to the products and their step by step usage.

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Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

INR: 399/-

The first step of this system is to oil your hair with Mamaearth Root Restore Hair oil. This hair oil comes in a white and pink plastic bottle with pump dispenser. The pump nozzle is secured under a transparent cap which ensures no spillage. The oil is very light and runny in consistency, hence it absorbs quickly into the roots, provides nourishment from root to tip. It contains the goodness of coconut oil, almond oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, bhringaraj and many others to give strong and healthy hair. I apply this oil on the scalp, massage it gently in a circular motion using fingertips to absorb the oil into scalp and let it rest for one hour so that the active ingredients can work on my scalp. It has a prominent rosemary fragrance with a hint citrusy note. The oil feels very non-sticky on my hair and washes off quickly without much effort.

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Mamaearth Happy Head Shampoo

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

INR: 349/-
The next step is to wash your hair with Mamaearth Happy Head shampoo. The shampoo comes in the similar opaque white bottle with a pump dispenser fitted at the top. The pump has twist and lock mechanism to avoid accidental pumping. The shampoo is clear gel-like with a runny consistency. It has similar kind of citrusy notes which leaves my hair smelling nice after wash. It is enriched with amla, horse chestnut and biotin and the best part it is free from SLS, Silicon, and sulphate.
I took two pumps of this shampoo and applied on my wet hair and gently massage the scalp. It is basically a mild shampoo which lathers pretty well when mixed with water. When I have applied oil before, it takes a bit more of the shampoo to give a nice wash. I have noticed my hair fall was a bit reduced while washing. My hair and scalp both feel well cleansed, soft and smooth post use. As its name says, it makes my hair and head happy.

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Mamaearth No Tangles Conditioner

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

INR: 349/-
After washing hair, the next and vital step is to apply Mamaearth No Tangle Conditioner for healthy and manageable hair. It has the exact packaging as the shampoo which may leads confusion. The conditioner has hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter, milk protein, and fenugreek which control frizz, moisturizes brittle hair and keeps the hair well behaved.
After washing hair, I took  2-3 pumps of this conditioner onto my palm. It really felt light-weight yet creamy in texture. It’s not that heavy or thick like the most other conditioners. I applied it on my wet hair starting from the root and all the way to the tips. Leave for 2-3 minutes, so that it can penetrate deeply and fully absorb into hair and scalp. Then rinsed off by massaging the hair gently. While washing the hair, to my amazement my hair did not feel extra soft or smooth which ensure that the product is completely free from silicone. It leaves my hair feel smooth and silky post use. It tames down the fizz and keeps the dryness at bay.

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Mamaearth Pro-growth Hair Tonic

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Next and the last step of this system is to apply mamaearth pro-growth hair tonic overnight onto roots and scalp of hair so that it can work its magic. This is not a leave-in serum, it is basically a watery-tonic that promises to strengthen hair’s roots, reduces hair fall and improves hair density. It contains caffeine, Red Ginseng, and milk protein.
The hair tonic housed in the similar opaque white bottle with a sprayer at the top. It is a watery solution which has wired kind of smell. Must say the smell is not pleasant to the nose. I have sprayed it directly all over the roots and scalp and gently massaged with fingertips before hitting to sack. It feels non-sticky and doesn’t stain the pillow. Next morning I have noticed that the roots felt a bit dry. I’m not seeing any major difference till now, but I’m waiting for 6 weeks to complete. Then I will definitely update if I will notice any major changes in my hair.

Mamaearth Anti Hail Fall Kit: Review

Rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy it at Amazon and Nykaa.  (Non affiliate)
Final Verdict: Yes! I’m already loving the products. I was not facing any drastic hair fall when I started using the kit. But yes, I can already feel the difference in reducing hair fall and my hair becomes softer and smoother than before. This kit gives a boost of nourishment to the hair and makes it straight, manageable and frizz-free. I would highly recommend Mamaearth Anti hair fall kit to all.

Are you taking the Mamaearth Anti Hair fall 6 weeks challenge? Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next post.

**Disclaimer: The kit was sent by the brand in exchange of an honest review. 

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