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The only essential oil I have been using is The Tea Tree oil, so when I received Speaking tree Avocado carrier oil, it was a nice try out for me. Avocado oil is mainly used for cooking purpose and salad dressing. It is an excellent cooking oil which gives a rich and delicious flavor. But do you know that it has tons of beauty benefits as well? Yes, It is immensely used in the skin and hair care for its amazing moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. So today I will be talking about the benefits of using an avocado carrier oil and reviewing this Speaking tree Avocado carrier oil for you guys.

INR: 365/- for 30ml.

Where to buy: You can buy from Amazon.

Speaking tree is a brand which promises to bring us the benefits of Mother Nature in forms of 100% natural, pure and organic essential oils and carrier oils. Speaking Tree’s Avocado carrier oils is 100% natural and organic which contains premium therapeutic grade Avocado extracts that help you stay healthy inside out.


The Avacado carrier oil comes housed in a royal colored glass bottle which further comes inside a light green cardboard box. This oil was accompanied with a European Dropper Cap which eases the application of oil. However, mine came broken due to rough handling during shipping. I stored it to show you guys how it looks. It has a roller ball at the top which controls the amount of oil while application. The bottle comes with a narrow dispenser nozzle fitted at the top which secured under a white screw cap. Every detail related to the products is mention on the cardboard box.

My View

This avocado oil has a bit of light and watery texture and for that, it absorbs into the skin quickly. It has no color and smells exactly like fresh avocado. The texture feels light on the skin. It gives an instant boost of hydration without being oily or messy.

What are benefits of speaking tree Avocado carrier oil?

Avocado carrier oil is a good source of Oleic acid.  It helps maintain hormone balance, improves circulatory function and is amazing for the skin.
It makes the skin clear, soft and healthy.
It protects the skin against sun damage
It protects skin infections
Perfect oil for deep tissue massages
It slows down the signs of aging
Detoxifies your body and aids weight loss.
It has an anti-inflammatory property that helps to keep the heart healthy.

How to use Speaking tree Avocado carrier oil?

You can use Avocado oil in many different ways for better health and beauty. Here is how I like to use this oil.
As after shower oil– I added this carrier oil to my body oil and massage it all over after a bath. It gives me silky smooth skin in no time.
As an anti-aging solution– I have oily acne prone skin, so I generally mixed two drops of avocado oil and a drop of tea tree oil into my night cream. Apply it all over my face before hitting the sack. Trust me, I woke up with soft supple skin next morning.
As face mask– It is always a good idea to use it as a face mask. I add few drops of this oil to my face mask and enjoyed the goodness of Avocado. You also can combine it with ripe, mashed avocado and apply as a face mask.
Hair growth booster– Studies show that lavender and peppermint essential oils can promote hair growth. Avocado oil is used as a carrier oil for essential oils. Mix ounce avocado oil with three to six drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil for a homemade hair treatment.
Hair conditioner–  I have dry and damaged hair. I use it as a leave-in-conditioner after shampoo. I generally distribute a coin-sized amount of avocado oil evenly through the ends of my damp hair. This works as a leave-in conditioner and prevents hair from drying and splitting. It works as a detangler as well.
Hair mask– You always add this oil to your banana or egg mask for healthy shiny hair.
My rating: 4.5/5.
Final verdict: Speaking tree Avocado carrier oil is one stop solution for your entire skin and hair problem. It is 100% pure and natural Avocado oil. It is easily available and affordable too. You can use it in any way as you like. I would love to recommend this magic potion to all my beauties.

What do you think about this Speaking tree Avocado carrier oil? Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find this post Helpful. Until Next.

**Disclaimer: The product was sent by the brand. However, my review is completely honest and unbiased.

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