Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review

Bella Feminine and Baby Products Review

Hello Everyone,
Being a beauty blogger and mum, it has always been a dream for me to review feminine products. Before I have reviewed Sebamed Feminine wash (read here). But when the brand Bella sent me their feminine products for review, I really feel privileged. They have sent me Bella Ideal Ultra-thin Sanitary Night Napkins, Bella Panty Liners, Bella cotton wool, Bella intimate wash and Extra small baby diaper. Bella is not a new brand, I’m sure most of us have been using their cotton balls and pads for cleansing. Yes, I have been in love with their cleansing pads since long and using it religiously every day. So now let’s talk about their other products in details.


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1. Bella Ideal Ultra-thin Sanitary Night Napkins-

Bella India Feminine and Baby Products Review

INR: 190/- for 14 pieces
Available at Amazon

I am impressed. It is thin and lightweight but at the same time wide enough to give good coverage. It absorbs and holds the fluid so well. It doesn’t feel plastic and uncomfortable over time. It sucks down the flow very quickly as it is made of super absorbent gel technology. It does not leak or move from its place, thanks to the wide wings. I would highly recommend this sanitary pad.

2. Bella Panty Liner-

Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review

INR: 64/- for 20 pieces
Available at Amazon

The panty liners come in a small cardboard box which contains 10 liners. Liners are small yet light. They have cottony cover at the top, hence feel comfortable throughout the day. They never feel sticky or rough on the skin. These panty liners are very good option for wearing under tampons to prevent sudden leakage and also perfect for light menstruation or vaginal discharges in those last few days.

3. Bella Feminine wash-

Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review

INR: 2/- for 3ml

Bella feminine wash comes in sachet packaging , hence it is perfect to travel with. It is basically a clear gel with runny consistency. It has a very mild refreshing fragrance which keeps intimate area odor free. What I like about this wash is it has very soothing formula which cleanses the area quite well without any irritation or anything of that sort. It keeps the skin smooth, dry and clean for long hours.

4. Bella Cotton wool-

Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review

INR: 119/-
Available at Amazon

As I said earlier that I’m a fan of their cleansing cotton pads. I always stock up their cotton pads before I finish up the current one. So when I saw this cotton wool, I found it quite interesting and versatile product. Interesting in terms of packaging as the cotton wool stacks up in a zigzag pattern, so it is quite easy to take out the cotton. And versatile in respect of usage as you can use it for anything like cleaning your makeup, cleaning other body parts, cleaning your baby’s skin, in First Aids and so on. The cotton is really soft and made of 100% clean and natural cotton fibers to ensure superior absorbent and safety.

5. Bella Baby Happy Extra small Diapers-

Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review

INR: 249/- for 24 diapers
Available at Amazon

Actually, the brand sent me XS diapers so I did not open the packaging as I gave it to my friend who was a soon to be a dad. Now his daughter is 2 weeks old and has been using the diaper from her birth. He said that he and his wife like the unique design of the diaper as it has a special umbilical cord cutting at the front which specially designed for newborn babies to minimize the risk of irritation and provides free air flow that facilitates healing in the sensitive baby’s navel area. It is made of magic pearls technology which turns the liquid into gel and keeps always the wetness from baby’s bottom. This fast absorbent formulation ensures protection against leakage and maximizes dryness. The diapers are laxer and chlorine free, hence it minimizes the risk of rashes and allergies. They also contains green tea extract which mainly known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also neutralizes bad odor. Air circulation special outer cover allows full air circulation that keeps the right temperature inside a diaper, lets the vapour go through and keeps baby’s skin baby, fresh, healthy and prevents the appearance of rashes and reddening. They also come with wetness indicator which informs when a diaper should be changed.

6. Bella Happy Aloe vera Baby Wet Wipes- 

Bella India Feminine and Baby Product Review
INR: 35/- for 10 wipes

Bella Happy Aloe vera baby wet wipes also did not fail to impress me. It is paraben free and alcohol-free wet wipes which don’t contain any specific smell. It keeps the skin pH balance to 5.5 which is quite good.  The material of the wipes is very soft, ideal for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin. It has aloe vera extract which keeps baby’s skin soft and fresh and also helps to smooth any irritation.

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My Rating: 4/5.
Final Verdict: In short, I am impressed with Bella products. They are high in quality and at the same time super affordable. I would love to recommend these products.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. Please share your comments below.
See you in my next post.

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  1. I am a fan of pure organic cotton pads and products. Baby products need to be soft and of highest quality cotton.
    Same way, female feminine needs too. Bella seems to be listening to our woes.

  2. I have used bella Sanitary Products and they are really really good! They are comfortable and soft! A great Brand

  3. I have heard about Bella feminine products but never got a chance to use them. Your review is detailed and honest. It really got me tempted to try out the products.

  4. Oh didn’t know about this brand. Thanks for sharing your opinion about it. I shall give this a try.

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