Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review

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I am back again with an interesting and revolutionary product specially for babies. I think I am the last person who is going to talk about this product, it is Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser. Yes, yes, Mamaearth launched 3 new products ( Read the review of Mamaearth natural lip balms here) on their 1st Anniversary and it is one of them. This product was creating a buzz last month and why not! It is brilliant and revolutionary indeed. If your kid is a creative soul then you must have to get this one for sure.  I know, you guys can’t wait to know more about this product. So let’s start.

INR: 199/- for 100ml.

Where to Buy: You can buy here.

Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review

Packaging: Mamaearth clean cuties comes in their signature packaging, white bottle with green cap. A cute cartoon is printed on the bottle. It comes with a sprayer nozzle fitted at the top which is secure under another small transparent cap. Overall packaging is quite sturdy and easy to use as the sprayer can sprinkle the sufficient amount every time without creating a mess.


My View

Like all other products of Mamaearth, this is also Toxin-free and Made-Safe certified to use on babies. Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser removes stubborn marks of crayons, sketch pens, permanent markers, ball pens, kajal, lipsticks etc from baby’s delicate skin in a minute which can otherwise take hours to clean. It has a watery texture and a sweet citrusy smell. It made of all plant-based ingredients like Lavender water, Chamomile water, Glycerin and Orange oil which work together like wonder. The formula is quite moisturizing and hydrating and doesn’t leave any residue after cleansing. It doesn’t leave any stickiness behind as well.

When my baby paints her hands and legs with crayons and colors, it literally takes hours to remove those stains. Those marks can be removed by coconut oil. But when it comes to stubborn marks of a permanent marker, I couldn’t even think of removing it anyway. So I tried this cleanser on a permanent marker to show you guys how effectively and easily it removes all the traces from my skin. I sprayed this liquid on a cotton and gently rubbed the marks on my skin. With one or two rubs all the stains came off. Yes, it was as easy as you can see here. You don’t need to wash the skin separately with water as it contains antibacterial properties as well. It took no more than a minute to remove all those marks from my hand and the skin was feeling fresh, moisturized and smelling nice at the same time.

Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review

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My Rating: 4.5/5.

Final Verdict: For me, it is a saviour. It really takes a lot of efforts and time to remove those marks and stains from baby’s skin. This wonderful product makes the tasks easy and quick for mommies. I would love to appreciate the brand Mamaearth for coming up with such useful product for us. Highly recommend this product to not only all mommies but also all school authorities to include it in.

What do you think about Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser? Share your comments below.
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**Disclaimer: PR sample, however my review is completely honest and unbiased.

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  1. Wooow mama earth never fails to surprise me us with good and quality products .. My friends kid will surely need this. Will ask her to check out

  2. I have always heard many moms talking about mama earth products.. i have never tried any product of theirs though..But now I am thinking of buying few of their products.. Thank you for sharing your review on these products..quite helpful

  3. This is amazing! I have always been a messy person! This is a must have not just for kids but for us too!

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