Live Healthy and Eat Tasty with KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker

Live Healthy and Eat Tasty with KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker

Hi everyone,

Summers are here and the evenings have become pleasant, more often than not, I love to go out and explore new places but every time I discover a new eatery, I have this internal turmoil of whether to eat out or not. Being a health conscious person there are some questions that are always on my mind, like what kind of oil they have used. On the other hand, how clean are the utensils? Are the ingredients fresh or not? All these questions made me look for an alternative to cook my favorite pasta or noodles at home and that too without a hassle and I stumbled upon this great product called KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker.

have always considered Pasta as my go-to dish when I eat out but normally the pasta is cooked with so many unhealthy ingredients that I shudder with fear of the calorie intake alone. With this noodle maker & pasta maker, I can make really healthy as well as fresh pasta right in my home and with absolutely no effort at all.

This modern appliance comes with seven unique shaping dies for different types of snacks such as, noodles, pasta, momos and even gujiya. With just a press of a button, the noodle maker automatically mixes, kneads and extrudes the pasta and noodles out, simply cut it with a cutter and they are ready to cook.

What is even more interesting is that I can simply add the ingredients of my choice to make it even healthier. For e.g. Adding, spinach leaves with the ingredients can result in a very healthy dough and I can make healthy spaghetti from the dough or maybe delicious steamy momos.

Live Healthy and Eat Tasty with KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker

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I have been experimenting a lot with the various shaping dies and it has really impressed me a lot. The process of making pasta, noodles or even sheets for momos does not take more than 10 minutes and that too without any manual intervention. I was repeatedly surprised by the consistency of the noodles from the noodle maker as well as the other shaping dies.

Cleaning the appliance after use is also not a hassle as all the parts are easy to detach and reassemble and its compact design made it very convenient for me to store it. As an observation, I made while cleaning it is that if I leave the shaping dies to dry for a few minutes before cleaning then it becomes even easier than before.

All in all this smart appliance was a really lucky find for me and while I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, it has now become a permanent addition to my kitchen and I have planned more than a few dishes in my diet chart that uses this KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you remain healthy and to avoid eating pasta, momos outside or even if you want to avoid instant noodles then I would surely recommend this appliance to everyone.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful.


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  1. Wow, never knew that Kent is up with noodle and pasta maker, the issues are over now. We can have them all at home with purity of ingredients!

  2. I didnt know we can make noodles at home. Of course they will be so healthy. This is a great appliance

  3. Woah, this is something new ! I didn’t know Kent had a Pasta maker ! Sounds so exciting and looks good too !

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