Makeup Tips for Homecoming Dance

Makeup Tips for Homecoming Dance

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You are still weeks away from the homecoming, yet the excitement is already stirring, and as it’s one of those once in a lifetime events, getting it right is paramount. When you take a look at all the other girls, there’ll be one or two who simply don’t look right, and of course, there will be trendsetting girls like yourself, who always seem to come up with the perfect look, and look good, no matter what they do.


  • Hire a Makeup Artist – The homecoming is the time to call in the pros, and if you’re a regular client, she’ll already know what will work for you. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to make up professionals, enlist the help of your best friend, and with a few Google image searches, you’ll find some inspiration. Regarding hair, whenever you see a particular cut or style, ask yourself, “Is my hair type suited for that?”


  • Dress Connection – If you take a holistic approach to a specific appearance, your dress is the foundation of everything, and with the right accessories, hair and makeup, the image is complete. Do not even think about hair or makeup until you’ve acquired the dress, and you simply must try on Sherri Hill homecoming dresses 2018 styles, which are available online from established boutiques. The dress colour alone will determine the shades you use on your face, so make your dress purchase before doing anything else. Such is the importance of dress selection, you really should be focusing on designer garments, which can be sourced online at lower than retail prices. You and your best friends can sit down together and browse the extensive catalogue, and with an easy to use measuring guide and a secure online payment, buying couldn’t be any easier.


  • A Trial Run – To be absolutely sure your makeup stands the test of time, put your chosen style on for half a day. Take a walk on the country or go window shopping, and check regularly as to how your make up is holding out. Indoor wear will do, as the homecoming will mainly be spent indoors, and more importantly, if it doesn’t feel right, then make some changes.


  • Light & Subtle – It never pays to go heavy with the skin foundation, and the eyes do not need to be over highlighted with lots of dark mascara. Some well-placed glitter will surely be enhanced by the disco lights, and a little in your hair wouldn’t go amiss. Subtle makeup oozes elegance and sophistication, and we do want to come across as an intellectual person with style. Don’t be afraid to ask friends about the look, as they will surely give you their honest opinion. Feeling good about your look is critical if you are going to pull it off, and that is a combination of outfit, hair and makeup. If you are not so gifted in the makeup field, there are guides available online for the girl on the go, which are interesting to read.

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With a little help from a professional and some online inspiration, your choice of dress, hair and make up will elevate you into the elite group of students, and maybe it will even put you in a class of your own!


That’s All for today! Hope you find this post helpful.

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