24K Beauty Bar Massager VS. 3D Face Roller

Skin aging may naturally occur as you get older, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, etc. However, if you can definitely improve your appearance and remedy these skin problems with some skincare products. Today, Let us talk about the two following beauty tools, 24K Beauty Bar and 3D Face Massager.

24K Beauty Bar Facial Massager

24K Beauty Bar Massager VS. 3D Face Roller

24K Beauty Bar Facial Massager is one of the best skin tightening tools that could stimulate the facial muscle leaving the skin firm and tight. It massages the skin with a micro-vibration that is about 6,000 times in a minute. What is good in this tool is that the intensity of the vibrations could be reduced from strong to weak.

It is very handy and easy to use. It also features a 24K gold plating on top of T shaped part. The massager’s negative ion is effective in preventing and reducing wrinkles in the face including the neck without pain.

Moreover, the 24K Beauty Bar Facial Massager could restore the radiance of the skin and stimulate facial blood circulation that could protect your skin from bacteria and infections. You can also use this while bathing or in sauna because it is waterproof. What we like with this tool is it is very comfortable to use and efficient in making your skin tight and elastic…Learn More


What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
•    Massages the skin without hurt

•    Firms the skin

•    High portability

•    Waterproof


·         Quite small in size

3D Face Massage Roller

24K Beauty Bar Massager VS. 3D Face Roller

The 3D Face Massager Roller, which massages the face that could warm up the skin and expedite the blood flow. It also generates energy in the skin and muscles.

The 3D Face Massager Roller could prevent aging and tighten the skin. It is suitable for the face, body, legs, arms, buttocks, and back. It also promotes face-lift skin tightening and body shaping.

What we love with this skin tightening tool is that it could treat and prevent sagging and bagging in your skin. It comes with a platinum 3D roller and made of ABS material, which is durable and recyclable.

This beauty tool is operated manually with 360 degrees rotational design. All you need to do is apply a moisturizer in your face and pat the 3D Face Massager Roller. You must use the tool in right direction by inclining it an angle at the side of your mouth then rolling it up along your jawline for about five times. Once done, you could massage the part over your cheeks to lift the laugh lines.


What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
•    Massage not only the face but also the body

•    Tightens the skin effectively

•    Waterproof roller


·         Nothing


Guest Post By Gary Song, the CMO of SUYANMEI Company (www.elecskincare.com), which is a beauty & skincare tools supplier for the global clientele.

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