Everything You Need to Know About houndstooth Dress

Everything You Need to Know About houndstooth Dress

Plaid has never gone out of fashion, but in recent years this chess pattern has come with everything and is present in several pieces of clothing. They are super trendy, click here, they are beautiful, charming and can be worn by any woman. But do you know exactly how to wear the plaid dress?

If you think it is simply putting the dress and leaving the house is wrong, that will not work. In fact, as texture and pattern change from one season to another, you should look at some details to make for a really cool and chic look.

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Everything You Need to Know About houndstooth Dress

The plaid dress, when well matched, can be worn at any occasion, including informal situations as well as casual day out. But the first thing you need to look for is the fact that chess itself is a flashy print. So it is better to choose a fabric, a pattern that is not too flashy itself. Otherwise, the result will be disastrous, because there will be an exaggeration.

It is preferable to choose a plaid dress that is not full of details. The simplest, without large cuts or applications, are ideal. If you like ruffles, know that it’s best to add this detail to another dress, because in chess it really does not look cool.

Next, think about the times when you plan to wear your plaid dress. If the idea is to use day today, you can try the mesh as a fabric, which is light and sexy to wear. The plaid knit dress can also be worn in a ballad as long as it glued to the body; on the other hand, if your goal is to wear the plaid dress in a more formal way, the fabric models are more suitable.

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  1. Wow ! The plaid dress with the chequered finish looks lovely. Im sure that it can be worn for any occasion. Great pic of the person wearing the the outfit.

  2. Plaid is so much in trend right now but I have not seen many people talking about how it should be styled. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

  3. I’m a lover of plaids. They look classy and gives an amazing look.
    I really liked the way you have expressed everything.

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