My Experience with VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

Hello Everyone,

Due to our fast moving lifestyle and busy schedule, we do not get proper time to take care of our skin. We tend to miss out self-pampering which is quite necessary for us. After having a hectic schedule, everyone needs to have a pampering session at the end of the day.

Our skin also needs some care and pampering which help it keep healthy and redient. At this point, salon services like spa and facials are introduced. I believe that everyone needs to get a facial done once every week or two.

To get maximum benefit, one needs to ensure that massage strokes and ritual are to be done in a proper way. Not every facial has the same method and ritual. There is some significant difference among all treatment facials.

And that’s why we need to visit the salon or wellness center to get the complete treatment done.  They all are equipped with modern amenities which ensure that you will get the best out of best results.

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial


About last week I visited the VLCC wellness Centre for experiencing their 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial. If you are following me on my Instagram then probably know that I was there at the VLCC Park street, Kolkata center. I loved the homely ambiance of the center. Thier staffs are Professional and at the same time friendly, well-behaved and polite. I was well greeted and treated by them.

Now coming to the review of VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial. before, talking about my experience, let get to know the benefits of Charcoal Facial.

Benefits of 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

Charcoal Detox Facial magically cleans out skin impurities from the deep pore and makes evenly toned and reduced the appearance of blackhead. The facial leaves a smooth evenly toned moisturized, brightened and glowing skin.

  • Absorbs skin toxins
  • Lightens and brightens skin complexion
  • Skin smoothing and tightening
  • Restore sun damaged skin
  • Restore Ph balance & soothe combination skin
  • Deep pore cleansing & reduces Acne.

This facial can be suited for all skin type.

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

Active ingredients and their function of VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial –

VLCC 7x Ultra Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial products made of natural ingredients like Charcoal extract, Glucose, soybean, Lemon oil which are known for detoxifying, rejuvenating and brightening skin.

Glucose- It is an amazing natural humectant that retains moisture and ensures skin kept hydrated.

Soybean-  It moisturizes the skin and helps in reducing signs of aging.

Charcoal- It helps in removing oil and dirt from your skin pores. It also helps in getting rid of harmful toxin from pores.

Lemon oil- Helps in restoring luster of dull skin. It is a natural astringent and detoxifying agent that rejuvenates sagging and tired looking skin.

Mulberry Extract- Rich in antioxidants, Mulberry extract prevents the occurrence of blemishes on the skin. It naturally clears the dark spot. It brightens the skin tone and keeping it fresh and vibrant and glowing.

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial kit contains 8 products which are-

Clear Wave De-Bac Washing Foam- It is a gentle refreshing cleanser that lifts away pore-clogging impurities and normalizes sebum levels to prevent the formation of blemishes.

ClearWave De-Bac Astringent Lotion- It is an antibacterial lotion that reduces the formation of blackheads, blemish spots.

Telo Bright Vital Cleanser- This wash lavishes skin with a velvety soft texture while lifting al dirt and impurities away.

Telo Boost Vital Water- Designed to maintain the healthy condition of skin cells, this concentrated “bouncy water” infuses skin with nutrients that instantly boost optimal moisture levels for intensive hydration

Purifix Expert Exfoliating Cream- This cream effectively sought off impurities and promotes fresh skin renewal without undue irritation.

Purifix Expert Decongesting Ampule- Densely packed with potent efficacious actives and natural buffing agents, this purifying concentrate aims to cleanse the blemish-prone skin of dirt and impurities.

Purifix Expert Calming Gel- This claiming gel is specially formulated to hydrate, sooth and protect sensitive, intolerant, easily irritated skin. Enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera, cucumber and Chamomile extract, this gel treatment strengthens skin’s defenses and protects skin.

Purifix Expert Rebalance Mask- This mask contains thoroughly selected and blended actives with purifying, soothing and hydrating virtues. It is rich in subtilisin and bamboo charcoal which lift away impurities, dead skin cells and excess oils leaving the skin feeling clear, balanced and brightened.

Activated Charcoal Peel-off Mask- This mask magically cleans out skin impurities from the deep pore and makes skin evenly toned and reduces the appearance of blackheads. This mask leaves a smooth, evenly toned moisturized, brightened and glowing skin.

My experience

First, I was made comfortable on the bed. Then one lady did 2 minutes of harmonization and then covered my hairline with a headband. Then she gently removed my makeup and cleaned my face and neck with suitable cleanser and then toned my skin with a toner.

After this ritual, she applied Purifix Expert Exfoliating Cream all over my face with a peeling brush leaving eye contours and lip corners. Left it for 10 minutes. After that Cleaned my face thoroughly with wet cotton and patted dry with a tissue. Then gave Hi-Frequency for 5 minutes.

After that, she applied the full content of Purifix Expert Decongesting Ampule all over my face and massaged with light-handed until it all got absorbed. Then she applied Purifix Expert Calming gel over my face and gave a relaxing massage for 15 minutes.

Then she applied Purifix Expert Rebalance Mask with the help of a blush and left for 10 minutes. Also, I was informed that I might get a mild tingling sensation. After this ritual, she applied Activated Charcoal Peel-off Mask and left until it got dried.

Then she peeled the mask off my face and gently massaged away the residue or remaining traces of the mask and cleansed with wet cotton. The facial was finished off with applying a thin layer of suitable sunscreen onto face and neck.

When the lady asked me that how I felt after the facial, I said that my skin felt so light and refreshing. She said that this was because of the Charcoal, as it took away gunks and grimes from the pores. And I couldn’t agree more.

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

My skin felt so soft, smooth and glowing. It appeared even toned and brighter than my usual complexion. You can see from my Before-After picture. It can be easily noticed that before I wore makeup, but my skin still looks lifeless, dull and made up. After the facial got done, my skin is looking so radiant, even tone and rejuvenated.

VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial

I would highly Recommend VLCC 7x Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial to all. Please don’t try at your home, just go and get the facial done, it definitely worth!

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next.





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  1. All the products you have mentioned seems good and nice that you had a good experience there .

  2. I love Vlcc’s skincare products, treatments and facial services. I had my whole pre-bridal package from their and got few facial services too. They were fab. This facial looks like a Great treat for your Skin.

  3. A perfect change in one session of Charcoal facial, this is what I could see and got influenced to try VLCC services with their charcoal facial.

  4. Would love to get the charcoal facial done at vlcc. Thanks for sharing this information with us

  5. Charcoal has taken over our lives and how! Until today I had never heard of charcoal facial but looking at the pics and your review this particular facial seems to have rejuvenated your skin. The glow is much visible.

  6. This would be indeed an amazing experience and I also in love with charcoal facial mask

  7. Charcoal is an amazing ingredient for skin… A charcoal facial is really a detoxifying experience… You are indeed glowing

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  9. I am a great fan of VLCC services and its products. Have tried quite a lot of their facials. But this one seems to be a new one. I really liked the effect it had on your face and skin. the before and after pictures are evidence of the fact that this one is worth trying.

  10. I have never tried Charcoal facial, though have known its benefits since a log. Your post has given me a surety of going ahead to try this. VLCC is one of the best beauty brands we know.

  11. oh !! wow sounds interesting. A charcoal rejuvenating facial. Nice one. love to try it.

  12. After your review I feel like booking an appointment rightaway. I’m yet to try out charcoal facials. Must do it.

  13. Wow one can really notice a nice difference. Charcoal is a fabulous ingredient that sucks out impurities and imparts glow. Would definitelyget this treatment done for me too.

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