Aranyadeb – ZEE5 Original Bengali Movie

Aranyadeb - ZEE5 Original Bengali Movie

I have good news for you all! 🙂

ZEE5 has launched its first Bengali original ‘Aranyadeb’ on 10th August. It is the first Bengali superhero film.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Jishu Sengupta (Aranya)

Mir Afsar Ali (Deb)

Sreelekha Mitra (Rini)

Debaroti Chakraborty (Aranya’s wife)

Saayoni Ghosh (Mrs. Agarwal)

Arunima Ghosh (Malabika)

Paran Banerjee (Jyathamasai)

Kaushik Mitra (Boss)

Vishal and Basumitra Guha (Young Aranya & Deb)

Director: Debasish Sen Sharma

Aranyadeb - ZEE5 Original Bengali Movie

What is the story?

It is a story of two friends…Aranya and Deb who get separated at the age of 14 and meet again after many years.  During childhood, they were inseparable. Deb was a wonder boy, and everywhere he was the centre of attraction. For him, life is about achieving more and more. He is well-established with a good corporate job.

On the other hand, Aranya – the north Calcutta guy is living a simple ‘nothing to do’ life. He is working for a small company and believes that he is special. He feels he has the power of ‘Superhero’. It’s a story of larger than life dreams; it’s a story of every man who believes in fairy tales.

According to director Debasish Sen Sharma, this movie is a marriage between real and unreal. Here, one can see the existence of two Calcutta. One is lazy, dull and old school type and the other one is fast, lavish and cosmopolitan.

How is the movie?

Nowadays in Tollywood, Bengali directors are doing amazing work. The audience viewpoint has changed as well. Now people love to watch a movie with a good storyline. Acting is the first and last word now. So if you are looking for a movie where hero and heroine will dance in a foreign location, then it’s not your movie. ‘AranyaDeb’ tells the journey of two close friends in search of a real superhero within himself. The director has framed the story in four different timelines: early 80’s, mid 90’s, present day and 20 years later.  Jishu as Aranya is unforgettable. His innocence and simplicity have added some more sugar in the movie. Mir has also done justice with the character. A career-driven smart guy, life is to chase a dream and get success for him. Paran Banerjee, who has played the role of Jyathamasai is the gem of this industry.

Where to watch?

ZEE5 is the best digital entertainment platform to watch such an amazing movie. Not only Aranyadeb, some more exciting movies you can watch here. Get the entire library of ZEE5 original content at 99 Rs/month till 15th August.

It can be a rainy weekend, and you are enjoying the hot sip of tea, but something is missing, right?

Yes! It’s movie time…

Just subscribe to ZEE5 and enjoy the movie. ‘Aranyadeb’ is a movie that can make your monsoon more special and interesting!!

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  1. This looks like a great movie! The portrayal of two sides of Kolkata is interesting! Will watch

  2. Looks like a great one for Bengali movie lovers. Will surely recommend my friends who are Bengali.

  3. I like such offbeat movies where characters supersede the stardom. That’s where you can see the real acting. Thanks for the review.

  4. Wow! This seems like an amazing concept for a movie. I would definitely want to watch it, Thank God you have listed down all the theatre it is avaiable in!

  5. This is a great news for Bangla/Bengali movie lovers. I have a bunch of Bengali friends who must be thrilled to know about this. If they do not know already, I will tell them. By any chance, will the movie be also released with subtitles on Netflix ??

  6. Great news for Bengali movie lovers. The plot and story lines seems to be interesting. Would love to explore more on zee

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