Best Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

Best Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

The skincare industry has truly gone above and beyond to provide us with products that will preserve and restore youthfulness, and the plumpness and radiance that comes with it, to our precious skin. However, as powerful as well-known products such as exfoliators, moisturizers and facial oils are, as well as some newer and innovative solutions such as retinol products, serums and sheet masks, the world of beauty always moves forward to give us some extra helping hand. There is always something new on the market, and today we are exploring the world of cosmetic treatments that will shed years off your skin. Long gone are the days of invasive cosmetic procedures that require extensive healing time; they’ve stepped aside to make room for those better, more innovative, far less painful and immensely more effective ones, that will rejuvenate your skin and make you look like your best self, so today, we’re exploring the best treatments as well as topical solutions and delivering the entire ‘youthful skin package’ to your figurative door.

Scars, be gone!

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our young years is not leaving our skin alone. We can’t stand the thought of knowing there is a pesky acne, or a whole bunch of them on our skin, so what do we do – we throw common sense out the window and pick at them. Those with more enduring skin can survive this without major consequences, but some of us are left with highly visible acne scars that we thought would be with us for the rest of our days. Of course, acne scars add years to our skin, but luckily, you don’t have to settle for a life with them anymore, thanks to a procedure called skin needling. The procedure involves microneedles which are rolled over the skin, but there is no pain involved as the treatment is done using local anesthesia. It usually takes two to five treatments, and your skin is completely healed within a week, looking brand new. So, if this is an issue that’s been shaking your confidence, scout out the best clinic in your vicinity and book a consult now.

Loss of volume

When your skin starts losing that natural plumpness and you notice that it has become significantly duller and lacking volume, there is a highly simple and almost pain-free solution that will make you instantaneously younger. The secret lies in dermal fillers. Not only do dermal fillers kind of ‘inflate the volume’ in the best way possible, but other positive side effects include softening of lines, contouring of your facial features, and natural smoothness around in the lip, cheek and around the mouth area. The best part, you can opt for temporary fillers, give the look a kind of a test drive and if you love the result you can go back and get permanent ones done. There are natural and synthetic fillers, so do your research and opt for the type you feel most comfortable with. There is no healing time, just a day or two to let it all sink in, and you’ll be looking ten years younger as soon as you leave your doctor’s office.

Best Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

The importance of self-care

Of course, no amount of cosmetic procedures will help you in the long run if they’re not working side by side with the best possible skincare regimen. Aside from investing in a skincare line that is suitable for not only your skin type but concerns as well, you are creating the perfect skin-restoration mix, and if crème de la crème is what you’re looking for, the amazing and comprehensive Aspect Dr Skin Care lines have got you covered. From supreme serums for every skin type and concern, anti-aging lines, incredible exfoliators and their famous starter kit, they have you completely covered, so when choosing your skincare partner, choose the one that delivers to its promise.

Oh sun, what have you done

It happens to all of us – those who did take precautions and those who threw caution to the wind and decided to forget all about sun protection. Hyperpigmentation is a very common issue – it’s one of the sun in the fun souvenirs we certainly didn’t want, but here they are. Now, as WebMD explains, before you tackle this issue, as it’s not the same for everyone, you definitely need to consult your dermatologist. However, one of the most innovative options goes by the name of eMatrix. This is essentially fractional resurfacing achieved by using radiofrequency energy which works by delivering radiofrequency (electrical) energy in a grid-like pattern below the skin’s surface, creating tiny skin injuries that promote collagen regeneration. A certain amount of redness is something to be expected after undergoing this procedure, but it’s not that bad, it goes away fairly quickly and the fact that you are sun-spot-free makes the entire procedure and the subsequent reasonable healing worthwhile.

Best Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

It happens to all of us

Whether you’ve been smiling or crying too much in your life, you are probably familiar with crow’s feet. Some find them endearing, while others wish they could erase them. For the latter, there is a supremely simple solution – the minimally invasive microdermabrasion. This procedure involves a kind of “sanding” of the skin using a special instrument. It removes the cells from the top layer all in the service of new collagen production, which means that you reap the benefits long after the procedure is over as the skin takes it from there. The best part: no recovery time at all, no irritation or inflammation, and no pain, just a slight feeling of discomfort, nothing even close to a visit to the dentist. So, needless to say – completely worth the investment. Oh, the absolute best part – unlike with old-school Botox, you can continue to laugh or cry whenever you want.

So, which issue sounds most relatable and which treatment will you be turning to in the foreseeable future?

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