Blogging and Friendship

Blogging and Friendship #FriendshipBlogTrain

Hello Everyone,

Today is Friendship day. Friendship is the most precious gift of life. We make so many friends in different phases of our life. Every friend comes for a particular reason in our life. From our first day of school to the last day of college we all have a gang of friends. We fight, we cry, we laugh together.

Behind our every silly activity, there is always a person who motivates. In our every failure, there is a person who continuously gives us the courage to fight back. There is a person who is the happiest when we succeed in life. That person is called best friend.

I made so many friends in my whole life, especially in school and college days. Some of them are still in touch, some are not. I just see them on different platforms of social media. Some of them have time to cherish old memories but some don’t have. I’m not complaining though, Everyone’s occupied in their own life.

Blogging and Friendship #FriendshipBlogTrain

Then, I made a friend or for life, yes my husband. I know he is always there for me no matter what the situation is. He is the only one who handles my countless mood swings and tantrums. He, my one and only friend, was with me when I gave birth to my child, supported me, gave me strength. He made me believe that housework is not only the women’s job. He is a true blessing for me and a perfect partner in crime.

Blogging and Friendship #FriendshipBlogTrain

Besides my real life friends, there is a group of friends who became a part of my life. When I started blogging, I met some fellow bloggers who are now an essential part of my life. I really can’t think my blogging without them. They are my blogging sisters, my motivations, and an elixir of my blogging life.

Blogging and Friendship #FriendshipBlogTrain

We 16 blogger friends have recently started a #FriendshipBlogTrain to share our experience on friendship. Now the train has come to its last destination which is my blog. Thank you so so Much Priyanka Patwari for keep faith in me and hosting such a lovely and joyful blog train with me. I would definitely like to thank all my blogger sister Shwete Chitrode, Rashmi Singh, Parag, Alpana, Kapila, Shilpa Bindlish, Jhilmil Di, Snigdha, Jayshree Bhagat, Hema Gayatri, Reetuparna, Disha, Yogita, Ghazala Naseem, Priya Poddar and Sinduja for coming in such beautiful journey with us and make #FrieshipBlogTrain successful.

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  1. It was indeed lovely to be writing for this amazing blog train. Also it feels so good to have found the best friend in your life partner. Hope to see more such interesting articles from you dear!

  2. I enjoyed every bit of the journey in this Friendship blogging train. Your friendship story is really wonderdul and you are lucky to get your life partmer as your best friend

  3. i always tell my boyfriend that he my best friend therefore we solve every problem of like with any conflict or disagreement , friends are blessing to life and being with a friends for rest of you life is a really great experience

  4. Awww! That’s a beautiful writing on friendship! Friends are indeed the most precious gift in life!

  5. Papri I am enjoying this blog train much. I have had a hard luck with friends. Many left me when I needed them the most and a few who stayed back I love them a lot. Despite my bad luck I don’t think Ill of such a pious relationship.

  6. Papri, we meet different people at different junctions in our life and each one of them come into our contact for some reason . thank you for being to be such a wonderful host. It was a wonderful experience being on this train. Looking forward for many more such journeys we with you.

  7. SO true husbands are those friends we often forget to thank for tackling our mood swings and more. Plus glad to have to know you via blogging and I can call you my friend. Belated Happy Friendships day.

  8. It’s good to see that u have found a best friend in your life partner, me n my hubby also shares such kind of bond and we share each n everything without any doubt.

  9. What a beautiful post about Friendship. My best friends are my sister and my husband. I met my husband 15 years ago in University and we got married 8 years ago.

  10. Friendship is such a big gift to humanity. We need it in every phase of life while we might not even realize. This friendship blog train is beautiful.

  11. That’s such a fun to read this article. We never know when we find good friends in life. Friendship is the best relation in this world.

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