How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

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Who doesn’t want to retreat to a relaxing bedroom at the end of the day? Yes everybody does. Adding a bit of style to your space doesn’t mean that you have to splurge your last penny. You can get a full makeover of your bedroom with just a few subtle changes.

What you need to do is to look around your bedroom and try to figure out that thing or décor you dislike most. Then change it accordingly. Today I’m here to share a few simple ideas by which you can bring in a dramatic change in your space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Change the position of your bed-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

If you have a fairly large room then you can reposition your bed. It does not always need to lean up your master bed against the wall. You can set it before a window and make it a cozy reading corner.

 Make or buy a wall art-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

Don’t leave your wide wall empty. You can turn the wall into a masterpiece by adding a wall art. You can buy wall arts online from different e-commerce site which are indeed cheap and will add a chic and creative look to your room.

Frame and make a collage of your old photos-

There are always some good old mummeries hanging on our side walls. Put all the photos into similar frames and arrange them like a collage. Add two or three spotlights and your own art gallery is ready to show off.

Bring colors to your bedroom-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

This trick makes a huge difference in your bedroom. Just keep your wall and window neutral and add a burst of colors in your bed, floor and wall. It is easy to add colorful and vibrant stuff whenever you wish to and also change the hue according to your mood.

Try new bold and beautiful bedsheets-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

Nothing feels and looks more pleasant than new bedding. To buy bold, artistic and gorgeous designer bedsheets only at a very affordable price find the link here. This will add color and texture to your room and drastically change the look into a new one.

Consider the right amount of lighting-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

The right amount of lighting is important to make your room look livelier. You can consider a stylish bedside lamp over general overhead lighting. Or you can just replace the boring bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent light to add a fresh new vibe in your comforting space.

Check out few easy to make DIY ideas Here.

Get rid of those furnitures that you don’t need-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

You can add a plenty of space in your room by removing furniture that you don’t use.  This will make your room appear larger and brighter.

Add texture to your room-

How to Revamp your Bedroom on a Budget

Adding texture can turn your room into a relaxing zone that you have ever dreamt of. You don’t need to change the whole décor to create it. You can replace your curtains with a neutral or checked one. This can makeover your bedroom without any hassle. You can also try colorful accent pillows or foot mat which adds a lot of texture to your bedroom.

These are some tips from me which will definitely make your bedroom standout and turn it into a comforting retreat.

Do try out these tips and let me know if they work or not. If you have different new ideas, do share with me as well.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you soon.

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  1. I also love to decor my room. It makes me happy and my favorite pass time too. Bedsheets are imp for room decoration. I love colorful curtains and bedsheets for my room.

  2. Some great tips these are. I am sure one each item added or revamped gives you a nice and different aura and feel. loved the post.

  3. These are such amazing ways to deck up the bedroom with positivity and energy. Bedroom is a place that keeps us content, your tips are going to work well for sure.

  4. Great tips! I recently changed the position of our bed and it made such a lot of difference in space. And I agree about the role of light in amplifying space.

  5. These are some really good tips to revamp the bedroom. We recently did ours too but I feel like doing it every year to keep it inviting and pleasing.

  6. I agree that small changes can make a lot of difference to the overall look of the room. Loved the idea of using bold eye catching covers and changing the bed position.

  7. I quite change my bedroom linens to bring in fresh feeling. Also have created stencil art work on wall to make it look bright. Will incorporate your points as well

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