What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

Granny flats are the name given to apartments that are secondary to the primary property. These types of flats are used generally by families to let their aging parents enjoy some privacy and independence while they stay with them. These are self-contained dwellings that have become quite popular in the last few years. When parents are no more, these flats can be rented out or used as a teenage retreat, a studio, an office or a study or even a guest accommodation. Find out about some interesting granny flat designs that can transform the space for you.

Scandinavian Design

What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

It involves minimalism, functionality and very clean lines. The focus of these granny flat designs is on practicality and simplicity, practical furniture, plenty of natural light, muted light colours and uncluttered open spaces that have a purpose. These focus strongly on nature, especially greenery and timber.

You can achieve this look by opting for:

  • Low profile, practical furniture that comes with storage space
  • Light colours, instead of dark ones
  • Bare wooden floors, rather than carpet
  • Roman blinds / slimline, instead of curtains

You can lend a focus in your room with a dash of colour in the shape of a furniture piece or some artwork, rugs created from natural materials, indoor plants etc.

Retro Designs

What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

These granny flat designs are inspired by styles and trends of the past, especially from the 50s to the 70s. This style has a lot of flair, and comprises of bold designs and bright colours. There is a lively, fun sensation in these kind of designs, Older parents will surely this type of designs.

You can achieve this look with:

Retro style furniture, like multi-coloured throw pillows and big sofas

  • Diner-style kitchen
  • Barstools with lustrous chrome construction

Opt for feature colours like checkerboard patterns, avocado green, burnt orange or mustard yellow. Choose textures such as crushed velvets and smooth plastic. Toss in a few feature pieces, like Dali prints, Warhol prints and a lava lamp to complete the Retro appearance.

Beach House

 What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

This is an evergreen design that evokes memories of the seaside, even when your granny is miles away from the ocean. The house is breezy and has an easy style. These granny flat designs should have:

  • Soft oceanic blue colours
  • Layback styled wicker furniture
  • Some shells
  • Driftwood accents
  • Stone and sand coloured fabrics

However, you should not go overboard with the accessories and furniture. Choose an airy and open design and keep beach-themed objects such as a coral lamp and a nautical picture here and there. Keep a driftwood sculpture or a shiplap feature wall hanging as a centrepiece, to complete the seaside feel.

Cottage Style

What are Some Interesting Granny Flat Designs to Try Out?

This is a wonderful theme that is meant for a small area, as is the case with a granny flat. You can go for cottage style granny flat designs as they are cosy, casual and comfy. These come with features like:

  • Natural wood
  • Wrought iron
  • Handcrafted items
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Floral and fresh flowers
  • Soft colours

It is recommended to opt for large headboards and embroidered quilts in the bedrooms. Try overstuffed comfortable furniture, tasselled lamps and striped or floral drapes in the lounge. To achieve this type of granny flat designs style you need to go for rumpled elegance. Control the clutter with a lot of care. As soon as your granny steps into her flat with a cottage style, she will surely have a feel of safe and comfortable. The sense of a rumpled elegance and thoughts of oven-baked fresh bread and freshly brewed tea in the mornings adds more to your experience

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