Why We Should We Choose Mother Sparsh wipes over any other wipes?

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We are living in the world full of plastic. Yes! Our oceans acquire 1.4 billion pounds of plastic every year. On survey says that one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute. According to a report, plastic was found in foods like pizza, burger, potato chips, hot dogs in the form of ADA. The most heartbreaking things are that our newborns are not even free from the curse of plastic. Plastic chemicals are found in baby and newborn products too.  I know it is shocking, but it is the truth. The most used baby product that comes first in this list is Baby Wipes. There are so many renowned names that are using polyester to make the wipe clothe. Polyester is nothing but waste plastic and contains harmful chemicals.  Clearly, these chemicals can cause skin irritation and rashes on our baby’s tender skin. Now, that question is what we should do as a parent?

We should choose wipes that are made of 100% cotton material. The wipe should be plant-based, organic, biodegradable and easily disposable. There is a brand called Mother Sparsh that has come up with 98% water wipes which made of 100% plant-based fabric and zero polyesters.

Why Should  We Choose Mother Sparsh wipes over any other wipes?

Purest wipes – Mother Sparsh wipes are 98% pure water wipes. That’s why these are safer to use and cause no allergy, irritation and redness on baby’s sensitive skin.

Plant-based Fabric– Mother Sparsh baby water wipes are 100% viscose super soft fabric with and gentle on the environment too as it is 100% biodegradable. Another interesting thing is that this fabric is extremely smooth (velvet like), breathable & highly absorbent unless polyester which tends to irritate baby skin.

Zero polyester–  As these wipes are made of 100% biodegradable material, there is no polyester goes in making these wipes. With this fabric and water-based formulation, cleaning with Mother Sparsh water wipes are as good as soft cotton and pure water.

Clinically Proven– Mother Sparsh wipes are clinically proven for preventing bacterial growth on baby bum with its pure and soft cleaning. Wipes is something which we used almost from birth which is why using these softest water-based wipes not only clean well but it also prevents the baby skin from allergy prone bacteria and fungus.

Availability– Mother’s Sparsh wipes are easily available in any e-commerce site like Amazon, firstcry and paytm.

Wet wipes are something that we use in anything from cleaning baby’s face to after diaper change to remove our makeup. Yes, we mommies are also using baby wipes to remove our makeup or simply cleansing our face. So only for babies, we should something that causes no harm to our skin. So mommies! Next time choose wisely when you buy wet wipes for your little munchkin.


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