A Day with Fans of Orient

Fans of Orient

Hello Everyone,

Festivals are coming! So in a week or two, we will start doing a makeover of our homes. The first thing we generally start off is to clean the house and repaint. Repainting and cleaning take ages and probably a hassle for everyone in the house. But do we really think that some subtle changes in our home can make a huge diffidence?

Well, we all want homes that can either be super chic and stylish or cute and cozy. No matter what you are looking for, a home is where we are getting retreating comfort at the end of the day. We all desire a dream house that has our own personal touch. The décor would match our style and personality.

But have you ever thought, with some minor changes like changing fans or lights; we can do a whole house makeover without a hassle and moreover on a budget. Adding lavish furniture and wall decors are our prime concern when it comes to decorating homes. But have you even though of matching your fans with furniture or curtains? Have you ever considered which fans need to be installed that can go with your home décor? Even I haven’t until I attend an event organized by Orient Electric.

Fans of Orient

About last week I visited Kolkata to attend an event cum bloggers meet hosted by Orient Electric. We probably all know that Orient Electric is the biggest and most trusted fan manufacturing company in India. They have manufacturing units in Faridabad, Kolkata and Guwahati. The event was all about the launch of their new Aeroseries Fans. These fans are not only powerful but also give a great aesthetic pleasure.

Fans of Orient Fans of Orient

The design of blade of this series is actually inspired by aircraft wings to deliver the highest airflow in every nook and cranny. Even it has a tipped winglet design at the end which helps in minimizing vortex and noise.

Fans of Orient Fans of Orient

Trust me These fans are surprisingly noiseless.  Yes, in that event there was a booth for showcasing all ranges of fans from ceiling fans to table fans to pedestal fans to wall fans. There we actually could experience the efficiency of these fans. The best feature of these fans is that they are almost silence.

Fans of Orient

On the top of that, these fans are made of high-quality ABS and PU paint. There is no metal goes in making, so they won’t rust. They are super easy to clean and the glossiness stays intact for years.

Aerostorm fans- Check their collection here.

You can buy here.

Aerocool: Check their collection here.

You can buy here.

Fans of Orient

Orient Electric believes that a fan is an integral part of our lifestyle. But we have limited designs and features in fans that available in the market.  There is no such difference in their designs or pattern other than colors. So they started their journey of making beautiful homes with creating some fabulous eye-catching fans.

I am so glad to witness the first ever fans which are splendid looking yet powerful and heavenly silence. Thank so much Orient Electric to having us over.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next post.


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  1. I had a Orient Table fan in my kitchen and I never had complaints with it..it is a trustworthy brand

  2. This was a very helpful post, which I will definitely be bookmarking when someone asks me more about fans & options for home decor.

  3. I must say the range and the designs of fans you get these days is quite amazing. Gone are the days when the only option you had was just colour option.

  4. Wow that was quite informative! I loved the way you have have provided an insight about the various options! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think this brand need no introduction and from years we all are fan of this fan …new designs may take over but quality and trust goes here hand in hand

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