Orient Aeroseries – Silent ceiling fan inspired by aeronautical concepts

Fans of Orient

Hello Everyone,
Have you ever wondered which fan suits your interiors? We mainly prioritize furniture, wall painting etc when comes to home décor. But now home décor is no more limited to furniture and wall hanging. Presenting Aero Series Fans by Orient Electric. These fans are not only powerful but their eye-catchy design can add aesthetic pleasant to your space. They are aerodynamically designed to give highest airflow in every corner of your room and also they are heavenly silent.
Today I am going to share some key details of Aerocool and Aerostorm fans from the Aeroseries range.

Aerostorm and Aerocool

Most ceiling fans generate noise that we hardly notice until the fan is switched off. Actually, we believe that ceiling fans have got to be noisy. If you believe the same, you really need to check out the #Aeroseries fans.

Launched early this year, Aerostorm and Aerocool ceiling fans totally redefine the premium category with their form and functionality. Aerostorm and Aerocool differ in design but enjoy the same set of features. Actually, these fans have been designed focusing on three aspects – Silence, Aesthetics and High Air Delivery.
Both these fans come with a winglet in blade design to minimize the air vortex and noise. Reduction of vortex helps to reduce the noise in fan. Also, Aerodynamic profiled blade design reduces the friction and turbulence.

The best thing that I liked about both these fans is that they do not look like anything available in the market. The design is so elegant that one would immediately want to buy one for their spaces. I was lucky enough to attend the event where I experienced these fans closely.

Orient Aeroseries – Silent ceiling fanFans of Orient

Fans of OrientFans of Orient

Key specs at a glance

• Sweep of 1320 mm and has 100% rust-free blade made of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS

• Blade profiles inspired by aerodynamic design of Aircraft wings

• 18- pole heavy motor with double ball bearing
• Stunning seamless design and premium PU finish

• Eye catching spiral curves in canopy, curves in blades and bottom cover plate for bold & dynamic looks

Range starts from Rs.4000/– onwards

Aerostorm :

Check the collection  here.

You can buy here.

Aerocool :

Check the collection here

You can buy here.

So, what are you waiting for? This coming festive season give your room an exciting makeover with Orient Aeroseries fans.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next post .



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  1. I am already in love these nice collections. The price range is also nominal for the amazing quality I feel.. thanks for sharing the links.

  2. This brand is somewhat most trusted when comes to fans and I still remember having it in my grandparents house too

  3. Gone are the day where fans were only a utility thing. Today looks and design of a fan that adorns the ceiling is an important choice. I like the sleek designs mentioned in the post.

  4. Orient fans are so popular I remember during childhood we got some from my dadaji as gifts. I love the new design especially the red shade.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful design. I haven’t seen such elegant designs in ceiling fans. Orient is for sure going to rule the market soon with their new aeroseries fans. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. I always face issues due to the noise from the fan, while meditating! These fans look amazing and are quite affordable!

  7. Looks like a great brand. I will surely get these Orient Aeroseries fans for my home and suggest my friends too.

  8. I love the collections.. all sizes and shapes are available with this brand. Would consider this the next time I need a new fan.

  9. I am renovating my home and this post really helped me choose best fan for my interior. I have saved the post and sharing it further. Keep sharing more ‘I found this post really Informative

  10. I have not heard about the brand before but glad I got to know about the concept or technology they use. It’s important to choose right and efficient fan for your home. Thanks for sharing. I will check them out xx

  11. I saw these updates on your Instagram. Ever since I have been been to check out the collect.. the fan looks trendy. We all decorate house well and forget the cealing fan.

  12. No doubt Aerostorm and Aerocool ceiling fans are perfect to add glamour to home interiors as well their features like no noise make them a first choice

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