Bokul Kotha – Redefining the meaning of an ideal housewife

Bokul Kotha – Redefining the meaning of an ideal housewife

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I am back with yet another interesting story from the ZEE network. This time I shall be talking about a daily soap opera from ZEE Bangla “Bokul Kotha”. Bokul Kotha is a story of a tomboyish girl named Bokul who is breaking stereotypes created by the society. This Bengali television series has Ushasi Ray and Honey Bafna in the main lead. So let me tell you about the plot of Bokul Kotha in brief.


The Storyline

The story follows = a girl named Bokul who is the younger daughter of Amitabh and Lajbanti Sanyal. The Sanyal family is a perfect example of a happy and well-established family.

But the Sanyals’ only desire was to have a son after they had a daughter as their first child. But the second time too, they were blessed with a girl child, Bokul. So, they decided to raise Bokul as their son.

Growing up as a tomboy, she has short hair and feels comfortable wearing pants, shirts and trousers. Unlike girls her age who obsess over outer beauty, Bokul doesn’t waste her time on makeup and clothes.

All she wants is to take responsibility of her family like a son does and become her father’s support system. Overall, she is a character who is well-versed in handling roles generally reserved for boys.

Everything goes smoothly in the Sanyal family until a cruel twist in tale occurs – Mr. Sanyal suddenly passes away. Now being a proverbial son of the family, Bokul is forced to take the reigns of her family in her hands.

But her mother and grandmother are always worried about her marriage, rather say her life after marriage, as she doesn’t know cooking, cleaning and other household chores generally a housewife does.

They are even concerned about her preference to dress up as a guy than a girl. On the other hand, Bokul is however not interested in getting married or doing the works which are designated for a woman in our society.

Then, there is Rishi who is the youngest son of Shekar Roy, the head of wealthy and respected Roy family. Shekar Roy doesn’t believe in doing anything without consulting their family astrologer.

As per their family guru, Rishi can only be married to someone who’s natal chart matches with Rishi’s natal chart. That’s why he has already rejected 40 women.

In a twist of fate, though Rishi and Bokul are quite mismatched as a couple, their natal chart matches perfectly. So, after a lot of drama and confusion, they are married to each other. But this is not the end, rather, it is a turning point in her life.

Being a tomboyish girl, Bokul neither fits into the society decided mold of an ideal housewife nor is keen to the ways of the world as a married woman should. brought up as a proverbial son of her family, Bokul always tries to break the stereotypes of a married woman and take all responsibilities just as her husband Rishi does for his family.

At this point, does Bokul succeed in breaking the stereotypes of society? What does the future have in store for Rishi and Bokul?

Bokul Kotha – Redefining the meaning of an ideal housewife

Will they be a perfect couple as predicted by their perfectly matched natal charts or will they part ways?

Bokul Kotha – Redefining the meaning of an ideal housewife

To know, watch this engaging series on ZEE Bangla or you could binge watch the series online on ZEE5.

Bokul Kotha – Redefining the meaning of an ideal housewife

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  1. It’s a good Bengali funny, entertainer, motivational serial. What is very good to see is that characters are too good while the story writer has a beautiful mind. There are many enjoyable moments in the serialwhich makes it a perfect entertaining serial.

  2. Amazing and beautiful post. ZEE5 is best for the watching TV shows and movies. ZEE Bangla “Bokul Kotha ” is so inspiring story. Great thoughts.

  3. This sounds interesting…it would definetly keep us glued and wanting for more..I will definetly watch this

  4. Thanks for sharing the story line. It sounds very interesting. Also liked the fact that Women is portrayed better these days in Indian Television and cinema. Good to see Zee network doing so well in regional languages too.

  5. The plot series sounds intriguing breaking the stereotype of our society. Really want ot explore what happened next to their relationship

  6. This story looks quite innovative and different. I can understand Bengali little but I am going to watch this series.

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