Dealing with Diaper – Myths and Facts

Hello Mommies,

It is so heartbreaking for a mother to see her baby in pain. It is nearly unbearable when we see those red itchy bumps all over on their bums. When I entered into motherhood, I was forced to contend with some wrong facts and misconceptions.  Diaper dilemma was one of that prolonged phase in my life which was running (rather ruining) until I stop diapering my daughter. I have never heard anything good about using diaper from my in-laws, neighbors and aunties (Who are all can relate me huh?)  besides “It makes your life easy”. Like really!

I was advised every day by some random aunties that as a responsible mom, I should think about my baby first and scarify all of my comforts. At that point, I started digging out every possible true fact about diapering from the internet. It was an eye-opening experience.

In today’s post, I am going to share what I have acquired in those few days- some myths and facts about diaper and diaper rash. Hope this post will help new moms and moms to be. By this post, I really want to help new moms, so that they won’t go through what I went through inwardly.

Myth 1: Diapers are uncomfortable

Fact: If you choose the right size diaper and wear it correctly for a stipulated time, it can never be uncomfortable for a baby. So, you have to change the diaper as soon as it gets wetted.

Myth 2: Change diaper in every 20 minutes even if you baby hasn’t peed or pooped.

Fact: Change diaper as soon as your baby pee or poop in it. It is irritating for a baby if the diaper becomes heavy and wet. There is no 20 minutes theory as such.

Myth 3: Always sprinkle baby powder after changing a diaper

Fact: Diaper technology has improved to a great extent.  Diapers nowadays are very good at keeping baby’s skin dry and soft. So no need for dusting baby powder. On the other hand, baby powder can clog pores which leads to a respiratory problem.

Myth 4: Cloths are the best

Fact: As I stated earlier, Diaper technology is improving day by day. It is proven that diapers are way too effective in absorbing wetness and keeping baby’s skin dry and healthy.

Myth 5: Diaper Causes Rash

Fact: Not all rashes that appear on your baby’s bum, are diaper rash, firstly. They can be yeast rash or bacterial infection too. Secondly, Diaper is designed to prevent rashes if used correctly. It will never cause rashes when changed within a specific time of 3-4 hours, even if your baby hasn’t pooped in it.

Using polyester based alcohol wipes can cause and aggravate rashes in your baby’s skin. Because Polyester is nothing but waste plastic which can cause rashes and irritation on your baby’s skin. So I would suggest you use only 100% cotton based water wipes.

Myth 6: Wipes can dry and irritate baby’s skin

Fact: Most of the baby wipes available in the market contain polyester and also has alcohol as a cleaning substance. These wipes can harm baby’s tender skin causing rashes and infections. When choosing a wipe, make sure to look for wipes made of plant-based material and are water-based.  They should be free from all preservatives and parabens as well. I really like Mother Sparsh, Indian’s first water based wipes Brand, 98% water wipes because they made with 100% plant-based fabric and also they are dermatologically tested and 100% biodegradable. Their wipes are clinically proven safe for baby’s skin.

How can you know that Your baby wipes are really safe or not!

P.S. I am not an expert. I have shared my own experience that I have gained from mothership.

Happy parenting!

That’s all for Today’s post. Hope you find this post helpful. See you soon.

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  1. One more thing I can add to this is to explore cloth diapering using cloth diapers with micro-fibre inserts. They are expensive but they last a long time and are great for baby’s sensitive skin. I agree with you about the water wipes completely.

  2. So true wipes are really needed for every thing, I’m still using wipes for n u daughter, not only for diaper rash when she was toddler but now also while traveling

  3. First time parents may find child care intimidating. They might not even understand what’s causing trouble to their kids. For example I didn’t know that polyester wipes can cause rashes. Water based and cotton wipes make more sense.

  4. I agree on most points that are stated here but I still use absorb powder for dusting after every diaper change. Plus using alcohol free wipes is also a practice. Mother sparsh wipes is great

  5. Omg! I have heard a lot of good reviews about this product from parents. Loving the fact that parents are going with these quality worth products, can feel the love they show towards their kids. And 98% of water is something extraordinary.

  6. OMG! This is such an amazing product for the babies. So much of care and affection they have shown towards the babies. I have heard a lot of good reviews about this product and appreciate the fact that parents are trying only quality worth products. It’s a true elixir

  7. I agree with all of your points. There are so many diper myths in our society and we need to change our mind with time. Mothersparsh wipes are one of the best options for babies.

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