7 Kitchen Taps Worth Knowing About

7 Kitchen Taps Worth Knowing About

With so many amazing styles and sizes of kitchen taps on the market, choosing the right one for your kitchen is just daunting. So, here’s our list of types of taps to make your life easier.

  1. Single-hole taps

This is the most common kind of tap. All you need is one hole in the countertop to install it, and it comes in a simple design. The top-mounted handle controls pressure and temperature while the single sprout emits water through different aerators and the curved neck keeps water from splashing heavily around the sink. These don’t have to be boring in your kitchen, and many come with flow-control buttons, adjustable aerators and extra-strength disc cartridges.

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  1. Centre-Set taps

Also called two-hole or two-handle taps, these taps come with separate handles for hot and cold water that come out of a center sprout. As the name suggests, these taps need multiple holes for installation. This is a popular option for families as they come with separated temperature controls and you don’t need to worry about anyone accidentally burning themselves. With a center set design, everything is connected to one metal plate and the plates rest in the center of the sink.

7 Kitchen Taps Worth Knowing About
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  1. Widespread taps

Widespread taps are very similar to center set taps, but rather than being connected to a single base plate, they have individual pieces that must be installed separately. The taps can be placed apart between 6 – 16 inches and you get both a hot and cold handle with space to install extra accessories such as side sprayers or soap dispensers. Best of all, the layout can be customized based on your requirements.

  1. Pull out taps

Pull out taps come with detachable heads that you can pull closer to you with the help of a hose. These are highly versatile kitchen taps and excellent for rinsing out the sink, washing dishes and getting water in hard-to-reach parts of pots and pans. These taps also come in just about any kind of material, be it stainless steel, brass, chrome or even bronze.

  1. Pull down taps

Pull down taps are similar in function to pull out taps but have a different design. Their heads are usually fixed downwards and are supposed to be used as an extension of the tap rather than a pull-out hose. This does mean limited flexibility, but on the bright side, it means less mess!

7 Kitchen Taps Worth Knowing About
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  1. Side sprayers

A side sprayer rests next to your tap and uses the same pipes. It also extends the same way as a detachable spray head, yet it is on its own unit and uses its own power. With side sprayers, you can get features like 360-degree swivel technology and adjustable aerator sprays.

  1. Two handles and one-hole taps

If you have specific needs when it comes to your kitchen tap, this could be for you. A two-handle and one-hole tap have separate controls for your hot and cold water, attached to the spout rather than installed as separate pieces on the base plate. You just need a single hole on the countertop and you get advanced temperature control technology.

These are just some of the incredible types of kitchen taps on the market today.

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