Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

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Mom knows the best. She is hard to convince for everything that goes anywhere around her child. She searches the internet, studies and experiments herself before trying out new products on her child,

Mother Sparsh, India’s first water wipes brand brings us the wipes which are free from any sort of harmful chemicals like paraben, SLS and dyes. The clothes are made of plant-based fabric, hence there is zero percent polyester. Moreover, these wipes are fully biodegradable.

Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

Do you know!  These features are not enough for the brand Mother Sparsh as they really wanted their wipes to be more gentle and suitable for the extremely delicate skin of Neonate babies.

So, Mother Sparsh has recently launched India’s first ever Premium 99% water based baby wipes featuring unscented formula with medical grade cloth for a sensitive baby.

Today I’m here to share my first impression on newly launched Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes.

Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

What are the features of new Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes?

  1. Extra gentle wipes that suit extremely sensitive skin-

These new wipes are formulated specially for extremely sensitive skin. These wipes are made with the finest natural plant fabric and pure water. There are absolutely no paraben, alcohol, sulphate, fragrance or any other chemicals. Hence these wipes are safest option to clean delicate skin of Neonate.

  1. Extra Large wipes with 3 times thicker fabric-

Most of the baby wipes that available in the market are smaller in size and thinner than expected. These wipes are likely to tear easily while cleaning.  But Mother Sparsh new #PremiumBabyWipes are 3 times thicker and softer than then any other wipes which make them perfect for cleaning baby’s tender and sensitive skin. With extra-large towelette, this #SuperThickWaterWipes are ideal for cleaning baby’s bottom without getting your hand dirty.

Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

  1. Fragrance-free unscented Baby Wipes-

Do you know that artificial fragrances are some sort of chemicals which can cause rashes and irritation on baby’s sensitive skin? Well, Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are fragrance-free, alcohol-free baby wipes which are gentle enough to use on new-born every day. Which is why these #UnscentedWaterWipes are perfect to use on Neonate.

  1. Medical Grade cloth for use on baby’s face and hand-

Babies have a habit of putting their dirty hand in mouth. So we need to clean their hands and face with something that cleans them naturally without exposing them to chemicals.

This Mother Sparsh #ExtraGentleWipes feature #MedicalGradeFabric which makes it suitable to use on baby’s face and hands. These wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to use on baby’s delicate skin. This #SensitiveWipes are 100% biodegradable just like their regular 98% water wipes.

  1. Plastic lid packaging that locks moisture for long-

Usually, disposable wipes come in plastic pouch with a sticker opening at the top. As time passes, the sticker tends to lose the ability to stay stuck, hence the moisture gets evaporated.

The new Mother Sparsh 99% water wipe’s packaging comes with a protective plastic lid which prevents the moisture from drying and keep the freshness locked inside for a longer period of time. Also, it makes easy to carry around the wipes. The lid also prevents dirt and germs from entering. The new 99% water wipes made with plant-derived medical grade cloth which possesses optimum thickness and softness that makes it non-allergenic and non-reactive on Neonate skin.

Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

  1. Biodegradable Water Wipes-

According to the report, 7.6 billion pounds of garbage every year is of a disposable baby wipe which represents 30% of the total non-biodegradable waste. This Mother Sparsh 99% water wipe is not only skin-safe but is eco-friendly too. Now you will never feel sorry to discard one as these wipes are easily decomposable.  So, no harm done!


Have you heard Mother Sparsh has New Variant for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

#MotherSparshPremiumWipes are affordably priced at INR 299/- for a pack of 72 wipes and INR 499/- for a combo of 2 packs. These wipes are easily available online on Flipkart and Amazon. I would highly recommend Mother Sparsh 99% Water wipes to all Mommies out there.

Here’s the difference between Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes and 99% unscented water wipes:-

Features Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes (Scented) Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes (Unscented)


Fragrance Yes No
Skin Type Normal Sensitive skin , suitable for Neonate
Fabric Plant based natural fabric Plant based + Medical Grade Fabric+ 3-times thicker
Protective Plastic lid No Yes
Biodegradable Yes Yes
Price 188/- (80 pcs baby wipes) 299/- (72 pcs baby wipes)

Happy Parenting!


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  1. Wonderful, having a moisture lock lid solves the problem of wipes drying. Also I’m loving the fact that these are unscented.

  2. Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is the trusted brand. Mother Sparsh’s 99 % Water Wipes are absolutely safe and secure. It is 3 times thicker than normal wipes. Great thoughts.

  3. Wow this is such a useful post for all mothers, and parents in general. Thank you so much sharing. I am going to order these new wipes right away!

  4. Babys’ skin is so sensitive that care needs to be taken when it comes to its clothes or wipes too. Nice to know that Mother Sparsh takes special care to ensure that it has the right product for the baby’s sensitive skin. Also, the fact that it is bio-degradable adds value to the product.

  5. This is a good innovation! It is wonderful how the company has taken the time to come up with something which while being a time saver is also good for the child, child”s health and also the environment.

  6. Such an useful information. I had randomly overheard someone about this but glad that i could read a detailed article on this providing all the useful information. Thank you.

  7. I have heard a lot about mother sparsh wet wipes. The moisture lock with lockin packaging sounds great and worth a try.

  8. Thanks for sharing the amazing news. Indeed unscented wipes and 99% water based sounds like a good and safe option for baby skincare regime

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