What I thought about Kaali?

What I thought about Kaali?

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Our film industry is filled with some true masterpieces that depict stories of a mother’s love. A mother’s love for her children is always seen as pure and unconditional. She can push herself beyond the line and she can go to any extent for her child. The ZEE5 original web series Kaali is the newest addition in this list that portrays a bold and dramatic side of a mother.

After a huge success of “Aranyadeb”, ZEE5 has launched their first Original Bengali web series “Kaali” on the platform.

Staring Paoli Dam, Rahul and Shantilal Mukherjee, the web series Kaali is directed by Korok Murmu and produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay. The action-packed thriller has already gone live on ZEE5 on 13th November 2018.

Now coming down the storyline,  Kaali is a fast-paced thriller with a lot of twists and turn which gives you jitters as the story moves towards the climax. It is a story of a mother who can go any extent to save her son’s life. The story revolves around a helpless mother who has one night to save her son. A masseuse for door to door clients, Kaali finds her life thrown into chaos when her son, Sunny meets with an accident. Around the same time, her husband Tanmay has been put behind bars for the murder of a drug dealer. She frightfully seeks ways to arrange money for her son’s operation. But she finds the only way to arrange money by selling the drugs which her husband has hidden in the house. So she gets into selling the drugs for money and steals a consignment. But when special Branch officer Aniket interrogates Tanmay, he starts suspecting Kaali.

Out of her desperation, Kaali finds ways to sell the consignment and ends up in the bad books of the drug mafia. This leads to her getting in a web of violence and abuse while running from the drug mafia.

Under such circumstances, will Kaali get away from the drug mafia? Does Officer Aniket get her arrested for the crime spree she has embarked on? Can she save Sunny’s life at the end? That’s for the viewer to see in Kaali.

What I thought about Kaali?

My take on Kaali

Kaali is a story that is driven by a multi-layered character at its centre. It shows us that how far a woman can go for her child. Kaali also portraiting unseen picture of the underbelly of Kolkata. Normally when it comes to the depiction of women in the midst of the underworld, the character is often shown as a victim. But it’s the complete opposite in Kaali. Here, we see the protagonist as a flawed but relatable character who could go to any end to save her son. This conflict brings out the various shades within Kaali in a brilliant performance by Paoli Dam. Director Korok Murmu deserves a pat on his back to create a world that is dark yet thrilling throughout the series. The spectacular narration is further enhanced by incredible performances by supporting actors like Rahul and Shantilal Mukherjee. Kudos to Parambrata Chattopadhyay for producing some different for the Bangla audience.

In short, Kaali is a multilayered story of hope, struggle, betrayal and courage. With rich cinematography and a gripping screenplay, Kaali should definitely be on your watchlist.

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  1. What a interesting story line! I heard about this from a friend of mine too. Gonna start binge watching it this weekend.

  2. Kaali sounds like an awesome movie to watch. I love the story of this movie because it’s story about hope, struggle, betrayed and courage.

  3. Oh, Kaalis sounds like an interesting movie to watch. I am looking forward to watch this movie.

  4. I have read about Kaali some time back and it really got me interested. After reading your post I really look forward to catch it on ZEE5.

  5. I remember you talking about Kaali a few times before. I can imagine how much you love it. I do love out of thè bòx stories and anything that depicts reality or less known truth. I would love to watch it.

  6. The plot line is so gripping can’t wait to watch the web series. Thanks for sharing the post.

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