What did I like about the Movie Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie?

Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie

I am back again, sharing my views on yet another amazing movie named “Shubho Sharadiya”. It is a ZEE5 original movie starting Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty, directed by debutant Rajdeep Chakraborty.

Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie


The story revolves around two adult Shubho (Played by Ritwick) and Sharadiya (Played by Raima Sen) who live in the same neighbourhood somewhere in North Kolkata. Sharadiya is a regular girl who is an only child, hence pampered.  After a point, her parents want her to get married, but she doesn’t like anyone they are choosing for her.

On the other hand, Shubho, a thirty-three-year-old bachelor who inherits his father’s post in the Government railway service. But he secretly wants to become a singer cum songwriter. He is someone who doesn’t disagree with his family’s decision.

So, what happens when Shubho and Sharadiya bond over their shared love for Bangla poetry online without disclosing their real identities and how their real lives clash with the one they have created online.

Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie

What did I like about the movie Shubho Sharadiya?

Shubho Sharadiya is a film that is in sync with the predicaments of the current generation, hence making it incredibly relatable. While there are many movies and TV shows which shed light on the risks of online dating, Shubho Sharadiya depicts the completely opposite.

This movie portrays online dating in a very positive and light manner like how a shy person like Shubho can find his true love on social media. Social media is shown as a haven for people who are not social and how online interactivity could allow them to open up and express what they want to say. As seen in this movie, Shubho and Sharadiya discover a common love for Bangla poetry which connects them while they interact online. Thanks to which, this love for poetry helps blossom a friendship between them.

Another good side of online dating that movie explores is how the anonymity and swiftness of social media can make people open up to people and do so in a matter of clicks, without delay. Also, the movies explore how our external appearances and people’s opinion about us can influence our image on others. Whereas, when online, the only outlet of information about you is you. This freedom to make your stand without any external influences can really help relationships grow online, as beautifully seen in Shubho Sharadiya.

Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie Shubho Sharadiya, A ZEE5 Original movie

So, those were my views on how Shubho Sharadiya carves a positive image of online dating and how social media can be useful if we handle it the right way.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. I will be back again with more such offbeat Bengali movies.


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  1. I really liked the storyline of the movie… It is a different one than what we usually see! I will definitely watch this!

  2. Online dating have got mixed reviews and its good to see movie revealed the positive aspects of it so people can be open to trying it. Everything has its pros and cons , its all about how you take it and how you manage things. We need to be open to new ideas. Zee5 has got such amazing variety of movies in different genre.

  3. Looks like a good story with a good message to people..otherwise many people do social media dating for timepass…will definitely watch this movie

  4. A good subject to look into and make a movie on! Seems like a good one. I like the review. I’ll try to watch this sooner. Thanks!

  5. This seems like a very relevant subject, and also an interesting one. Thank you for sharing your review. I’ll check it out.

  6. It’s good to see social media portrayed as the binding factor rather than the villian.The storyline is interesting, hopefully it has subtitles.

  7. Sounds very interesting. I have a keen interest in Bengali cinema of all sorts. The way relationships are portrayed is very different from Hindi cinema. Would watch it soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. It seems to be an amazing movie. I haven’t watched it yet but will love to watch it soon. Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful movie.

  9. I like good cinema, language doesn’t matter much when the actors and script speak volume. This seems another good acting and cinematic experience from bengali cinema.

  10. Zee5 has some good programs and movies. This movie looks interesting. Raima sen is a good actress.

  11. Such an amazing write up about the movie. I have never watched Bengali movies but I have heard the industry has very good
    Actors and now after reading this I feel
    Like going and watching this movie. Such a beautiful story

  12. sure to watch this movie for the story line. I will be Going for a mother daughter movie date.Thank you for the lovely write up.will keep coming for your reviews.

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