Clamy Cosmetics based Lipgloss Shades for different Skin Tones

Clamy Cosmetics based Lipgloss Shades for different Skin Tones

Lip Makeup

What exactly is Lip makeup? Lip makeup is a texture of colour or lustre with which you cover your lips. Lip makeup is an important part of whole face makeup. We cannot even imagine a day without applying lip makeup. Lip makeup plays a vital role in making your appearance to be more attractive. There are different lip makeup products which are great to get a matte or glossy texture finish on your lips.

The most popular lip makeup products are lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil, lip liner, lip balm. In recent years, the cosmetic Industry has brought a number of product variants with different features such as long lasting, matte finish and glossy appearance. Lip products are even categorized as per skin type, colours, and occasions.

What is Lipgloss?

Lipgloss is one of the most used lip makeup products used for glossy lustre, subtle colour and shine. Lipglosses are used in two ways. One is direct application on lips or adding a gloss layer on previously set lip colour. These are considered to be the perfect substitutes for Lipstick.

Lipglosses are like a texture of lip colour with gloss. The luxury brands of lip glossed give the perfect matter and glossier look which tends in creating perfect lip makeup. If you haven’t yet tried lipglosses, you are really missing out something. Lipglosses are a major part of makeup and today being used and appreciated by celebs and influencers as well.

What are the different Skin tones?

Skin tones are generally categorized in 3 tones. Warm, Cool and Neutral. These could be known through wrist veins. If the Veins are green then warm, if blue then it indicates to be cool and if it’s between blue and green its neutral.

Warm Skin tone:

Orange, Red, and Pink are the three preferably best lipgloss colours for warm skin tone.  Warm skin tone tends to be the best with warm colours of lip glosses. Warm category of skin tones do get much more of variants in option naturally for perfect look.

Clamy Cosmetics based Lipgloss Shades for different Skin Tones

Cool Skin tone:

Purple, Violets and Dark Pink shades are the best preferences for cool skin tones. These are the cool colour shades as cool colour shades would look the best on cool skin tone. Categorizing the cool colour tones of lipglosses would get the best choices for the cool skin types.

Clamy Cosmetics based Lipgloss Shades for different Skin Tones

Neutral Skin tone:

The last categorized skin tone is neutral. Being neutral they have a significant profit of all. Both warm and cool categorized lipgloss colours could be used for neutral skin tone.

Purple, Violets, Pink, Orange, and Red, all of these colour shades are pretty good to be used by the ones with neutral skin tone.


There is one colour tone that would go for every skin tone. CLAMY Matte Me Red Sandalwood is an example of true Red.

Clamy Cosmetics based Lipgloss Shades for different Skin Tones


In the end, I would say there is no specific rule or compulsion to use a specific colour but I have tried to explain which shades would look best on you.  Also, do check out CLAMY Cosmetics to know about its luxurious cosmetics. Keep following Through My Pink Window for more such awesome beauty content.


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