Everteen Bikini Line Creme Hair Remover Review

Everteen Bikini Line Creme Hair Remover Review

Hello Everyone,

We spend half of our life in shaving and removing unnecessary hair from our body parts. When it comes to remove hair from a sensitive area like bikini line, some extra care should be taken.

Removing hair from the bikini line not only ensures intimate hygiene but also makes you feel comfortable. In India, there is a lack of such hair removing the product which is specially designed for bikini line and other sensitive areas.

Recently I have come across India’s first crème hair remover for bikini area and I have been using it for a month now. I’m totally amazed by its result. So ladies, presenting Everteen Bikini Line  Crème Hair Remover and I’m going to share my experience with it in this post.

INR: 149/- for 50gms

Where to buy: Available online at Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.


Everteen bikini line hair remover cream comes in a white squeeze tube with screw open cap. The tube comes along with a spatula, two towel tablets and one leaflet. Everything is housed inside a cardboard box which carries all the information related to the product. Overall, the packaging is nice and travel-friendly.

My Experience

The creamy white color hair remover crème has moderate consistency. I applied this cream directly from the tube and then spread it over the skin with the spatula. The cream spreads easily and evenly on the skin for its perfect consistency.

To my surprise, this hair remover cream doesn’t have any strong pungent smell that every hair removing cream has. It has a very mild fragrance that doesn’t irritate your nose. You can get a faint pungent smell when sniffed closely.

I left the cream for 10 mins (approx.) then I took one towel tablet and dipped it on the water. It spread and became a big towel. After that, I removed the cream using the spatula and wiped off the area with that wet towel.

The cream removed every single hair. It doesn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation to the skin. Rather I felt a mild cooling effect while it was on. As the cream has chamomile extract, it actually soothes the bikini area for its anti-inflammatory property.  It doesn’t cause any rashes or redness post usage.

Everteen bikini line hair remover cream makes whole hair removing process fast, hassle-free and gentle. In the end, all you get is softer, smoother, hair-free bikini line.

Everteen Bikini Line Creme Hair Remover Review Everteen Bikini Line Creme Hair Remover Review

My Rating: 4.8/5.

Final verdict: Everteen bikini line hair remover cream is one of a kind product which every lady would love to have in their life. It definitely makes your life easier. It has all natural skin-friendly ingredients. It is perfect for sensitive areas like bikini line and armpit. It removes every bit of hair effectively without harming the skin. Highly Recommended.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next post.


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  1. Many people suggested me to opt for waxing but I thought it would be very painful..I woukd definetly try this hair removal creme as I think it’s a better option

  2. The best is that it doesn’t harm the skin, there are a lot of products in the market but they are not very skin friendly , it’s so good to know this works well

  3. Good that this cream is effective in removing every single strand of hair and doesn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation either. I will check this out.

  4. Hair removal for bikini line is indeed a tough task as its a very sensitive. This product looks promising for the same and its easy to use and hassle free for sure.. thanks for introducting same to me.

  5. I really like that I don’t contain mild smell which is not irritating to nose. This looks promising from your experience

  6. This looks so damn helpful, and a genuine product too. too. surely visit their website to know more 🙌 I am definitely bookmarking this bit for my reference 🙌

  7. I hate hair removal creams because of their pungent smell. But like you’ve mentioned this one doesn’t have that. So I’m going to try this one.

  8. This is so much needed to remove unwanted hair from the comfort of your home. I am going to try for sure. Good that it doesn’t cause any issues to the skin and works effectively.

  9. Wow.. This seems like a great product. The brand everteen is not new to me. I have used their intimate wash. Will try the hair removal cream too.

  10. Vowww so nice to hear about this product. This is literally a gift to the ladies . I ammsoon gonna buy these, use it and leave a feedback here. Thank you for such an article explaining so nicely about the product

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