Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Diamonds

Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Diamonds

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Diamonds are sought-after and treasured stones without a doubt. Whether you want to give your mother, wife, girlfriend or anyone else a special gift, diamonds are always a winner, and for good reason.

But getting diamond jewellery usually means spending a small fortune, and that’s because diamonds are even more expensive once they’re cut and set into a piece of jewellery. This is especially the case if other precious metals are involved in a piece’s design.

It’s for this reason that many people prefer to buy wholesale diamonds. If this is your first time shopping for diamonds, you can check out jewellers’ websites and browse through their collection of wholesale diamonds. You can also visit them in their shops, albeit some may require you to first book an appointment.

Below are a few benefits to going the wholesale route.

Bye-Bye, Middleman

When you purchase diamonds wholesale, you buy directly from the wholesaler at much lower prices than what you’d pay at a jewellery store. Purchasing diamonds wholesale takes out the middlemen and their massive mark-up prices, so it’s a win for you and for the wholesaler.

By not involving a distributor, you save money and enjoy bigger discounts.

Many More Options for You

Diamonds come in a huge variety of shapes, such as oval, round, pear, radiant, asscher, marquise, princess, emerald and marquise. The stones also come in a massive array of colours. Diamond preferences differ from one person to the next. There are plenty of things to consider when buying diamonds, including the cut, quality, weight and clarity. So, finding your dream stones in the local jewellery store can be rather difficult due to limited stock.

The good news is that wholesalers have a huge variety of stones on offer. If you want to make a gorgeous piece of jewellery, then buying from a jewellery store does provide a whole lot less options.

Yet, when you purchase diamonds from a wholesaler, you are sure to find the stone of your choice to suit your budget and that you can get designed into a customised setting.

Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Diamonds

Buy Certified Wholesale Diamonds

Diamond wholesalers are very often gemmologists with a thorough knowledge of stones. These experts inspect each and every diamond to deliver the very best quality to you.

That means when you purchase wholesale diamonds, they’re likely to be certified and come with an official certificate. Certified diamonds also have a decent return value.

Buy Wholesale Diamonds Today

Always carefully check loose diamonds before buying them wholesale. Only ever purchase wholesale diamonds from a reputable source that offers exceptional quality and competitive prices.

One way to tell that a diamond is top quality is when it comes with a grading certificate. GIA certified diamonds, for example, ensure you don’t need to worry about legitimacy or quality of loose wholesale stones.

Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Diamonds


Buying a diamond wholesale is an excellent decision. It can help you save a huge amount of money and ensure you get the best stone for your budget. It also allows you the flexibility to have the diamond set into a jewellery design and setting of your choice, making for a personalised, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.


Image Source: Flickr and Pixabay

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  1. It’s always tough to trust the quality of diamonds you are buying from a store or a Vendor.. but with certification and a price even 10% lower than showroom price makes a big difference to the BIG BILL!

  2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they are also quite on the expensive side. It does make financial sense to buy them from a wholesaler and like you have mentioned it is important to ensure that the diamond is certified – this way you are sure you are getting a genuine product and it has better resale value.

  3. Diamond is best friends of girl… I always love to shop different collection of diamonds.. I love to read your details post… Keep writing

  4. Diamonds are every girl’s best friend.. Certified diamond in wholesale price is definitely a good option to try out ..

  5. Buying wholesale diamonds can be a really wise idea. It helps you save cost and also you are getting a genuine product with proper certification.

  6. Buying wholesale diamond can be a wise decision. It will help save the cost and we can gift too to friends or family.

  7. Diamonds are love for me and infact for every women. These tips are good to get best quality diamonds in wholesale price to save some bucks.

  8. Wow this is a really helpful tip I am definitely going to keep this in mind while buying Diamond stuff next time and surely going to share it with my relatives and friends who are into diamond jewellery keep coming with such informative post…

  9. Diamonds are lifetime investment and getting them on a wholesale price would be like icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

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