WATER BOTTLE Series Review – A thriller web series by ZEE5

WATER BOTTLE Series Review – A thriller web series by ZEE5

FEAR….the entire story of this series revolves around a serial killer and the aura of fear he unleashes.  Water Bottle is a psychological crime drama presented in 5 episodes by ZEE5. Unlike other web series, it has suspense, thrill and truth that haunts all of us. It has vehemently represented a disturbing PSYCHOLOGY that pushes people to perform heinous acts. Those who like reading about serial killers or watch thriller movies would enjoy it a lot and a must-see story for them.

Child Psychology

All of us has some of the other memory of childhood that is displeasure for us. Some forget it in the rat race of life and some get so engrossed and tangled in it that they become insane. It cast a serial killer who has a wild memory of childhood related to the school days. Repeatedly the camera focus on blue water bottle hanged across the neck of 9 to 12 years boy child who is on the way to school with a bag on the back. The killer wants to relieve the pain of fear from those boys, as he too felt the same in his childhood.

Ambition & Career also makes human being to bear the pain of insanity & still go ahead

The storyline showcase different facets of the human brain and psychology. The weird tantrums and logic of MIND is not enough to define with a single word PSYCHOLOGY. The serial killer is no doubt possessed by his fear and logic of killing. But a writer who wants to make his creations something even more than real wants to stay close and observe a serial killer. Through director’s lines, lens and brain, he wants to platter the un-deciphered strings of logic that a serial killer adopts, performs and yet keep happy and satisfied without any remorse. The writer keeps closeness with the serial killer and nurtures his ambition but never involves his conscience to save victims or stop this insanity.

Jatilata or complexity of Jyotileshwar

Rajatava Dutta has extravagantly played his role of antagonist or villain. His expression of FEAR really arouses goosebumps. His name is very well selected that represents his role and this complexed or jatil MIND & PSYCHOLOGY. His extraordinary vision and complexity of mind is a pun in the name Jyotileshwar which is too apt in Water Bottle to resolve many of your queries on the first series itself. Mriganko aka Chiranjit Chakrabarty and Subho aka Suhotro Mukhopadhyay are also very well cast in the roles of investigating Police Officer appointed to find out the serial killer of back to back 6 kids. The cast, play and action have well presented the story of a serial killing thriller.

To experience the nail-biting adventure of Water Bottle, you just have to download the ZEE5 app and at the comfort of your home and in between travel can enjoy the empiricism of the childhood’s innate FEAR.

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  1. I have taken ZEE5 subscription, love all their web series, I am going to check it out as well. Thanks for sharing. this series sounds interesting.

  2. Zee 5 is taking Bangla series to the next level. With stalwarts of the Bengali film industry, this show definitely has hit the right trigger for its audience.

  3. I am Abigail fan of thrillers and I just can’t miss this. It’s going to be my binge watch this weekend.

  4. Im impressed with the plot using the person’s psychology and akin it to child psychology in a crime whodunit .must check it out

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