To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

Hello Everyone,

Rain Rain go away

 Come again another day

I want my makeup to stay all-day

Rain rain go away.

This is me when I have an important office meeting or a day function to attend in Monsoon. Monsoon means rain and rain mean sweaty, melted makeup. Monsoon not only brings a breath of relieves but is accompanied by a set of challenges for makeup lovers.

You could have your mascara run down your cheeks and end up looking panda and it can turn your makeup smudged. The only basic to stay intact is using light and waterproof makeup.

Today I am going to share a few most important makeup must-haves in this blog post. So, please read on…

Primer is your bae

To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

The key to looking flawless during Monsoon is to use a good primer. A primer fills in the pores and makes a smooth and even surface for a foundation to glide on. It helps the foundation last longer. Some primer also lightens up the skin tone making it more radiant and glowing. So, do invest in a good waterproof primer because it is going to be your savior during the monsoon.

Switch to cream products

To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

Be it blush, contour or highlighter; always choose cream base products as they have more staying power. Unlike power formulas, cream formulas sink down to skin instead of just sitting on the face. Hence the pigment remains there on your face for a longer period of time. Cream products are easy to apply and hard to smudge. Do not forget to apply a sheer layer of a compact which seals everything in place.

Secure your brows with a clear coat of petroleum jelly

After applying your eyebrow power, seal it with a clear coat of petroleum jelly or Vaseline. This will ensure your brow product does not slip down to your face. Not just that, this will make your brow waterproof.

Change to gel eyeliners or waterproof liner

To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

There are ample of gel eyeliners or waterproof liners available in the market. Gel eyeliners are easy to apply and give an intense color payoff in one go. they stay in place for long as well. If you are not so friendly with gel eyeliners, then I would suggest you go for waterproof liners which are smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Do not forget the lip liners

To how make your makeup Monsoon-proof?

Lip liners can be used in multiple ways, like to line lips, use as a base for lipsticks or as a lipstick solely. But do you know liner can make your lipstick stay longer? All you have to do is line your lips with a lip liner close to your favorite lip shade, then fill in with the same liner to make a base for your lipstick. Then apply your favorite lip shade over it. It not only gives an intense look but makes your lipstick stay put for hours.

Invest in a good makeup setting spray

Setting spray assures that your makeup stays in place. It helps to prevent makeup from sliding and smearing. The setting spray also makes your foundation waterproof. It keeps the moisture locked into the skin, making it looks fresh throughout the day.

Hope these pro-tips will help you to look awesome and prevent your makeup from sliding around your face this monsoon.


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  1. These are some really great tips for making our makeup monsoon proof! I didn’t know about petroleum jelly on the eyebrows!

  2. These are some cool and helpful tips for the monsoons.i will surely remember this and follow.

    1. It’s really difficult to keep makeup intact during monsoon. If not rain , humidity can really mess with the makeup. Thanks for the fabulous tips.

  3. These tips are nice to keep makeup last longer in rainy season. I prefer using less and waterproof makeup during rains.

  4. Great tips dear I wish I would be following the steps and not making so many make a blunder is for all these years .
    Using a good primer is so important specially in the humid climate of Mumbai

  5. Those are some great tips, sealing your brows with petroleum jelly sounds a good trick for the monsoon. Will try some of the tips you’ve shared.

  6. Oh yes, monsoon is here in full swing. Perfect timing to read this post filled with some really useful tips out there, will keep in mind for next time I do my makeup.

  7. I didn’t know cream products were good for monsoons… Will definitely follow your tips… Thank you for sharing this post!

  8. Wow that’s amazing! I always wondered how people look flawless even in the monsoon season and this could be the reasons. I will surely try out these pointers. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hey there..I have followed your blog…please may you follow my blog also as I am just starting out and would sincerely appreciate it
    ..lotsa love xoxo

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