Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners : Review

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners : Review

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Let’s talk about feminine hygiene! It is really important for every woman to maintain proper intimate hygiene.  So, today I will be talking about Panty Liners. We are all familiar to sanitary pads than panty liners. Most of the women don’t really know when to use a Panty Liner. So if you find yourself pondering the same question, then this post is for you. Read on to know more.


What is Panty Liners?

A panty liner is just like a pad or sanitary napkin, but a little thinner, shorter and lighter. It is not meant for soaking up too much of period blood.

When to use Panty Liners?

Panty liner can be used to absorb vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow or discharge, post- intercourse discharge. It can be used to avoid accidental leakage for tampon and menstrual cup and also for managing urinary incontinence.

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners : Review

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners are 100% cotton based panty liners that help you to stay shower fresh, dry and comfortable the entire day.

What does it claim?

Every liner has 100%natural cotton surface that makes you feel fresh and dry

It comes with Anti-bacterial negative ion strip which ensures no bacterial growth and bad odor.

Each panty liners are an ultra-light, soft and good absorbent

Breathable layers keep the moisture away

Food-grade, non-toxic adhesive.

Packaging: Everteen Natural Cotton daily Panty Liners come in a sturdy cardboard box that carries all the details related to the product. Each box contains 36 panty liners. Each panty liner is packed inside a thin disposable pouch.

INR: 199/- for a pack of 36 liners.

Where to buy: You can buy it here.

My Experience

Everteen panty liners are extremely comfortable since it is very thin and slim. You do not even feel it wearing underneath. These panty liners effectively absorb light discharge and light flow. It also prevents accidental leakage and is useful for someone with urinary incontinence.

These unscented panty liners made of 100% cotton surface which never causes any irritation and rashes. Rather these make you feel fresh, dry and clean throughout the day. These ultra-thin panty liners feel super soft, comfortable and almost inviable.

I wear this panty liner under Everteen Menstrual Cup which gives me extra protection and confidence during those days. It absorbs accidental leakage and keeps my intimate area dry and spotless.

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners : Review

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Rating: 4/5

Final verdict: If you are someone who hates discharge then this ultra-thin and cottony soft panty liners are perfect for you. The best part, these panty liners are easily available and budget-friendly too.

Which Pantyliners are you using currently? Let me in the comment below.

That’s all today’s post. Hope you find it helpful. See you all in my next post.



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